No action movie goes without an unprecedented accident, and we’ve all heard about movie stunts that left people injured. Each of the spy movies have dramatic scenes and gripping plot lines, but what happens behind the scenes? Let’s dive into James Bond movie injuries and tragedies over the years.

Ever since the release of its first movie Dr. No back in 1962, the franchise has gone through unexpected incidents. Some are small scares but others have ended in tragedy.

From 1962 to 2021, HITC has gathered unforgettable stunts and accidents gone wrong during the making of James Bond films.

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5. Stuntman Paolo Rigoni killed in For Your Eyes Only

Being a stuntman in such an active film can be quite dangerous. Although there are many preparations before the actual scene, there are times where unexpected accidents take place.

In James Bond’s For Your Eyes Only in 1981, one of the scenes has Bond skiing down a bobsleigh track as he was chased by the Russian assassins. It did not end well.

According to What Culture, 23-year-old stunt performer Paolo Rigoni took Bond’s place and slid down the bobsleigh.

However, during one of the scenes, the bobsleigh flipped tragically killing Paolo after he was pinned underneath.

4. Camerman sliced his foot in You Only Live Twice

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The camera crew behind the James Bond movies deserve a lot of credit for how viewers get to see different cinematic angles.

Although John Jordan had an original idea of ​​how to shoot the scene when Little Nillie is attacked by two Bell 47 helicopters, it didn’t go to plan. Chaos saw one of the blades hit his food and sliced his foot.

Fortunately, it did not entirely slice his entire foot. But even though he had been provided with the best medical treatment, Jordan had a tough recovery after that.

John Jordan’s foot was amputated and was given a prosthetic foot and carried on filming. Definitely one of the most severe James Bond injuries that occurred on set.

However, The Independent reported he died the following year while filming for a different film. Jordan was working on the action film Catch 22 when tragedy struck. He fell 2,000 ft from a B25 Mitchell Bomber in 1969 over the Pacific ocean.

3. Burned eyelids in From Russia With Love

Explosions happen in all the James Bond movies, it helps to add to the drama. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan.

Reports written by the Cinema Blend say that during the explosion in the final chase scene, the crew had a big scare in From Russia With Love.

Three stuntmen and the actor Walter Gotell (who was interpreting the villain Morzeny) suffered injuries caused by the fire. The blast burned their eyelids.

2. Daniel Craig injures his leg

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Accidents may occur in the process of creating James Bond, but when the film’s lead actor is injured, it affects the entire crew. Obviously, he’s the main protagonist.

Daniel Craig, who has been one of the actors that have interpreted the role of the lifetime icon James Bond was left “traumatized” after he had broken his leg while filming for Spectre.

“At the beginning of the movie, I climb out of a window and walk down a ledge… I am literally going, ‘Don’t give way, don’t give way,” he said at ITV’s Being James Bond documentary.

Recalling the pain in his leg, he described the situation as very shocking. “I have a wire on, but it’s very traumatic. I am trying to be cool but my leg is shot.”

Barely able to walk, Daniel resumed the rest of his scenes for the movie to be able to be to complete filming on time, despite his James Bond injuries!

1. Studio set explosion

Two weeks after suffering a minor ankle injury while filming in Jamaica, Daniel Craig and other crew members had another scare during No Time To Die (known as Bond 25).

While filming a scene of the movie at the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, the crew witnessed an overpowering explosion on site.

A controlled explosion was set to take place, however, the damage from the blast was more severe than what they had planned.

One crew member outside the stage sustained a minor injury.

The Guardian reported that filmmakers reassured that the crew inside was unharmed and it was a “controlled explosion” that allowed to resume filming.

When the movie No Time To Die was fully filmed, the actor announced that he would be stepping down from his 15-year-old character, James Bond. Part of the reason was his previous accidents on-set.

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