Wynn Alan Bruce died on Saturday (23 April 2022) after he self-immolated on Earth Day outside the Supreme Court, so here’s what we know about the climate activist and his final posts on social media.

*Warning: Please be aware of some distressing and graphic descriptions ahead

Wynn Alan Bruce passed away on Saturday after succumbing to critical injuries sustained when he set himself on fire on the steps of the Supreme Court on Earth Day (22 April 2022).

The incident took place at 6:30 pm on Friday and he was airlifted to hospital, according to The Independent.

Internet users have since scoured through Bruce’s social media, uncovering that the act was likely planned due to a 2021 Facebook comment, which Dr K. Kritee, Bruce’s alleged friend, confirmed on Twitter.

Who was Wynn Alan Bruce?

Bruce, a 50-year-old photojournalist, resided in Boulder, Colorado since 2000. He launched his studio called Bright And True Photography a year later and worked there until his death. He previously studied photography at the Metropolitan State University Of Denver.

The climate activist was a committed member of the Boulder Shambhala Center, where they promoted the Buddhist spiritual principle of mindfulness meditation to “build an enlightened society”.

His Facebook page is filled with posts related to Buddhism and climate change, such as an image of Vietnamese Thiền monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, accompanied by the peace activist’s quote: “The most important thing, in response to climate change, is to be willing to hear the sound of the earth’s tears through our own bodies.”

There isn’t much information on Bruce’s personal life, but he does have a half-brother called Eric, who is around 42-years-old.

Self-immolations are a form of political protest where one sacrifices themselves by burning to death.

While they have taken place in several cultures before, one of the most well-known cases of self-immolation was during the Vietnam War, when Buddhist monk – Thich Quang Duc – burned himself alive in a public square in Saigon.

Bruce hinted at the incident in 2021

In October 2021, the 50-year-old advertised a climate change course via Facebook and by 20 April 2021, he left a cryptic comment reading: “4-1-1 4/22/2022” and a flame emoji. Since the date was Earth Day, it hints that Bruce may have planned the event a year prior.

While messages of condolences have flooded social media, some are claiming that his sacrifice isn’t an effective way to improve climate change.

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