The latest bear optical illusion challenge circulating the internet isn’t new, yet it’s still confusing players since the answer isn’t realistic.

It’s safe to say that the internet loves a challenge or a good mind-boggling. Remember the viral dress that broke the internet in 2015 (the dress was undoubtedly black and blue)? Or this trick on TikTok that had us clasping our hands for ages as we tried to figure out the motion?

The latest optical illusion making rounds on social media is an old artwork, which went viral in 2017. Five years later, it’s still puzzling, but we think it’s because the answer is slightly unfair.

Check out the bear optical illusion

Titled A Hunting We Will Go with Trapper John, the image first went viral in 2017 after being posted by Playbuzz.

The puzzle shows Trapper John hunting in the snow wearing a pair of snowshoes and a shotgun.

Dubbed as “the world’s greatest bear killer”, he is the bears’ ultimate enemy, so players have to locate the animal before John meets his death.

Can you find the bear?


Biography: Bobby Brown | Trailer | A&E

Biography: Bobby Brown | Trailer | A&E

This is why we think the answer is unfair

The brown bear is cleverly disguised on the right side as a cliff face.

While HITC spotted the animal immediately, we weren’t convinced that it was truly the answer since the bear is upside down, as if it was dead on its back.

It throws you off because the puzzle claims that the bear is ready to hunt Trapper John, which definitely wouldn’t be happening if the bear isn’t even standing. We get that it’s a game, but still, it should make more sense.

What do you think?

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