The music in a film or TV show can often make or break the final product as the use of songs or cinematic score can add just the right feeling to each scene.

For a film like Netflix’s newest arrival, Choose or Die, that is hugely important as the movie heavily leans into 80s nostalgia as well as eerie, soul-crushing horror.

As such, Choose or Die is packed with music but just which songs feature in the film’s soundtrack and how did its chilling score come to fruition?

Choose or Die | Official Trailer

Choose or Die | Official Trailer

Choose or Die release date and plot preview

After its first trailer arrived at the end of March, Choose or Die crawled its way onto Netflix on Friday, April 15th, 2022.

Starring Iola Evans and Asa Butterfield, the film tells the story of college dropout Kayla as she looks to win an unclaimed $125,000 prize from an obscure 1908s survival computer game.

However, Kayla’s plans are complicated when it becomes clear the computer game is riddled with a deadly curse that brings its potentially fatal choices to life.

With the help of her friend Isaac, the pair find themselves in a deadly cycle and must literally choose or die.


Choose or Die soundtrack

For a film packed with 80s nostalgia, that can only mean one thing about the songs that feature in Choose or Die’s soundtrack.

Viewers are welcomed into the film by instantly recognisable Gary Numan and Tubeway Army song Are ‘Friends’ Electric before matters take a quickly gruesome turn.

The songs that feature in Choose or Die are:


Creating Choose or Die’s eerie score

As well as the film’s toe-tapping 80s-inspired tunes, Choose or Die also features a haunting score that is the work of Liam Howlett, a member of the band The Prodigy, making his filming composing debut.

Director Toby Meakins spoke about Liam Howlett’s detailed approach to composing the score: “Liam creates everything from scratch, it’s organic, he doesn’t just pull a drone in from a plugin he actually makes it – records the sound, builds it layer by layer, his attention to detail is microscopic.

“We played them [tracks from the score] on set when we were shooting and then in post I lent heavily into Liam’s style, the darkness and tone. All the chest crushing power of his music became not just the score but also the soundscape of the film – It’s incredible and I think has an amazing texture.”

“Our approach to scoring each scene was very simple,” the director continued. “He’d ask ‘How do you want the audience to feel, what’s the emotion?’ and it’d make me break down the scene in really clear terms.”

“It was the first feature for both of us, and we were both really honest and open about what we knew and didn’t know. I feel like we helped each other through the process. It was a fantastic experience working with him, one of the big joys of making the film for me.”


Choose or Die is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on Friday, April 15th, 2022.

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