Fresh rumours are spreading across the internet that the hit anime series, Star Wars: Visions, is set to return later this year for season 2 on Disney+.

Star Wars remains one of the most popular and lucrative multi-media franchises in the entire world. From movies and video games to novels and television series, there have been plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the lightsaber-wielding universe down the years.

In September 2021, Disney launched their latest addition to their Star Wars catalogue, a brand new anime anthology series titled ‘Visions’. The nine-episode series launched to a fabulous intergalactic reception, but with the second season remaining unconfirmed, fans were starting to think that this was a one-shot series.

The good news is that fresh rumours are now spreading online that Star Wars: Visions will release season 2 later this year!

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: Visions season 2 rumoured to be in production

As previously noted, Star Wars: Visions has not been publicly renewed for season 2 by either Lucasfilm Animation, Disney or any of the associated animation studios. However, new rumours are spreading online that a second anthology season is in production.

Cinelinx reports that over the past week, they have “had multiple, independent, sources reach out” to confirm “Star Wars Visions 2 [is] in the works.”

Whilst this information has not yet been confirmed by any official source, the rumours would be in line with the view that Disney has been looking for a way to continue Visions after the success of season 1 in 2021.

Interestingly, Executive Producer James Waugh had already stated that the decision on whether or not the hit anime anthology series would return was entirely dependent on the reaction from fans.

Waugh spoke to Inverse about the possibility of season 2, stating that “there’s nothing planned right now”, but a renewal was certainly on the cards.

“We are definitely excited and love these shorts. And I think the approach has been ‘let’s see what the audience thinks and let’s react from there.’” – James Waugh, via Inverse.

So, assuming that the information from Waugh is correct and that season 2 is a certainty only if there is enough demand from fans, how was Visions being rated by the community?

Fans feel the force of excellent ratings

In the first few hours that the series was available to stream through Disney Plus, Star Wars: Visions made an exceptional splash online, trending worldwide on social media platforms.

As more and more fans tuned into the anthology series, the show’s online ratings continue to skyrocket. However, those numbers have notably plateaued, with current scores of 7/10 on IMDB, with an average audience score of 68% and Tomatometer of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

This positive initial reaction was then followed by fantastic reviews, with Indie Wire calling Visions “one of the franchise’s best titles in a decade”, with IGN adding that it should “please both avid anime watchers and casual fans.”

“The galaxy far, far away has never looked more stunning in animation, and at its best Visions folds core Star Wars tenets into compelling stories with characters you instantly want to see more of. Here’s hoping this isn’t the only season we get.” – Amon Warmann, via Empire.

The series was also nominated for several awards, including Best General Audience Animated Television Production, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing and VFX.

Star Wars Visions reportedly releasing later this year, 2022

As Star Wars: Visions has not been officially renewed, there is no public information regarding a targeted release window for season 2. However, the recent report from Cinelinx did state that the hit anime anthology series will be making its highly-awaited return later this year.

“Not only is Star Wars Visions 2 in the works (and pretty much has been since the first season hit), but it is set to arrive THIS YEAR. The timing is tough to pin down, but I’ve heard both September and October thrown out there. So I think a general “Fall” release would be what we’re looking at.” – Cinelinx.

Whilst most of the episodes from Visions season 1 were shorter than a typical anime episode, having seven different animation studios working on season 2 means that production can’t be consolidated like other projects.

The series was announced in December 2020 and was previewed at the Anime Expo Lite event in July 2021. Assuming that season 2 would consist of a similar number of episodes, each with a similar runtime as the first, fans were expecting to see Visions return in mid-2023.

“Like so much of Star Wars storytelling, what’s exciting about it is that there are all these other mediums that are really robust, and Star Wars fairly defined that kind of cross-platform franchise storytelling. And so we will be extending some of these stories to other media.” – James Waugh, via Inverse.

Despite this, the Cinelinx report did state that the same production companies are set to return to continue the stories they set up in season 1. If this is true, a Fall-2022 return becomes a more realistic expectation but again, we are still waiting for an official confirmation.

“While I haven’t been able to pin down which animation companies we’ll be getting this time around, I’ve heard there will be some returning studios who would be doing follow-ups on stories/characters from the first season. Again, I have no details on the shorts themselves, so I can’t tell you which continuations we might see. Either way, I’m pretty damn excited.” – Cineflix.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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