Troye Sivan released Angel Baby five months ago, but the song is trending now.

The singer took to TikTok to react to the sudden popularity of his track and while doing so, he spoke about his experience with an angel and his husband, who “inspired” the song.

In no time at all, fans rushed to social media to check if the singer was secretly married. What more? Troye said he even drew inspiration from his five-year-old son.

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Troye Sivan’s TikToks explained

We wouldn’t blame fans for thinking Troye is married in 2022 but the truth is that he isn’t.

On Thursday, April 6, the singer shared a couple of TikToks solely dedicated to his song Angel Baby.

He began by sharing with his fans that the song was trending five months after it was released and he didn’t understand why.

In the next TikTok, he revealed that the song is a lie and he hasn’t had a crush on anyone in ages.

And, in the following TikToks, he added to his narrative with made-up stories about his childhood and personal life.

This resulted in a lot of confusion among his fans as they couldn’t fathom what the singer was doing.

Singer jokes about husband and son

You won’t understand Troye’s last TikTok about his husband and son if you’ve missed watching the clips before that.

Simply put, all his TikToks about Angel Baby consist of exaggerated stories.

One such story is when he talks about being visited by an Angel when he was eight months old, which inspired the name of his single.

In another TikTok, he wrote: “When I was a baby, I cried and my mum said it sounded like an Angel. 10 years later I wrote ‘Angel Baby’ about that, and it’s out now. I hope you love it.”

The overlay text in Troye’s most-discussed TikTok reads:” This song was inspired by my husband, and our five-year-old son, Andrejo. He used to be a baby, now he’s five. Your papa and dad love you, Andy!”

Fans react in confusion

Troye’s followers, who only saw one of his TikToks about having a husband and son, were confused and it took them a while before they realized it was a joke.

One wrote in the comments: “Wait, husband? Son? Omg I’m so confused”

“What? husband? Who’s the wife? I have so many questions,” asked another.

One follower commented: “I feel like I’m watching a time jump in an anime and I’m in that first ep where everyone is confused”

“Quit laying with me!! Is he serious cause I’m about to cry how did I miss this??”, commented another.

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