Mnet’s latest K-pop reality show Queendom 2 has started on March 31st. Fans of girl group lineups featuring Loona, Kep1er, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Viviz, and more are rooting to make their favorite the winner of this season. For that, check how to vote for Queendom 2 through the Mnet app, dates, and rules of voting here.

Hosted by legendary K-pop queen Taeyeon, Queendom 2 had started with five K-pop groups and one soloist and on June 2nd, the final winner will be declared.

Kep1er in Queendom 2 (Mnet K-pop YouTube)

Date of Queendom 2 Voting

The final round of Queendom 2 voting will continue during the live finale.

Viewers can only vote only for one team during the finale. Check how to vote for Queendom 2 below.

How to vote for Queendom 2

Voting for Queendom 2 has been made super easy by Mnet.

Mobile number voting

Fans can also vote for the members through texts.

  • The number to which fans would have to send the vote will be revealed during the finale.
  • For voting, name the team you support in the text
  • Voting is allowed for only one team per number.
  • Type team number, then type KOR team name
  • Here’s how you can type the team name: 브레이브걸스, 비비지, 우주소녀, 이달의소녀, 케플러, 효린
  • All the team names have to be typed without spaces

Number code for Queendom 2 participants.

Hyolyn – 1

WJSN – 2

Kep1er – 3

Viviz – 4

Loona – 5

Brave Girls – 6

Spotify Streaming Vote

Along with the Mnet voting, Spotify streaming score of the participant’s final song will be considered as part of the voting points.

The streaming vote is worth of 20000 points.

The streaming score will be measured through the official Queendom 2 playlist on Spotify. Check all the songs below.

Queendom 2 winning criteria

According to Queendom 2 episode 1, Mnet will decide the winner of Queendom 2 based on YouTube views (on full version videos) + Music Charts score + Fans Choice votes, and Live votes.

YouTube views will be considered only for four days after the video airs and views plus likes will be multiplied by 100 for each contestant lineup.

Unlike Kingdom, Mnet’s Queendom 2 will have elimination, so each round is crucial for the participants. The girl group/ soloist who will be at the bottom of the first two rounds will risk facing elimination.

Where to watch Queendom 2

Watch Kep1er, Loona, WJSN, Hyolyn, Brave Girls and Viviz on Mnet K-pop YouTube live every Thursday at 9.20 PM KST/ 8.20 AM ET.

After the show ends, catch the full episode on Rakuten Viki with subtitles here. Watch the stages of round 2 below.

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