New TikTok trends and challenges crop up all the time and they seem to be getting stranger by the day.

From odd ‘cults’ to bizarre challenges, wacky memes to weird songs, TikTok has it all.

The latest trend sees people filming their pet whilst playing a sound that says “Kill John Lennon,” but what does it mean?

If you’re a little confused, read on to find out why people think the challenge is so amusing…

‘Kill John Lennon’ trend takes over TikTok

TikTok’s latest viral trend is a pet challenge, but a rather odd one.

For this trend, owners are filming their pet’s reaction to a specific sound that says “Kill John Lennon”.

The sound actually comes from Season 14 Episode 2 of the American animated comedy South Park.

In the episode, the character Butters wants to kill John Lennon, but how does that link to pets?

The TikTok challenge explained

If you’re not familiar, John Lennon was a famous English singer who was a member of the iconic band The Beatles.

He was assassinated on December 8th 1980 at his apartment in New York City. His killer was an American Beatles fan called Mark David Chapman who shot and fatally wounded him.

That’s the context, now back to the TikTok trend. If a person’s pet jumps up after hearing the sound, it apparently means they are evil and want to kill John Lennon.

Yeah, it’s a really pointless TikTok trend. Plus, John Lennon is already dead, so it’s completely irrelevant, but there is something a little amusing about a dog’s ears pricking up at the thought of killing John Lennon.

Whether you get it or not, it’s certainly amusing TikTok users who are discovering that their pets are actually secret Russian sleeper agents.

Shining Girls | Official Trailer

Shining Girls | Official Trailer

Social media users think it’s hilarious

Social media users have been taking to Twitter to react to the bizarre trend.

Everyone thinks it’s totally hilarious.

It’s the best thing on TikTok right now, apparently.

Sorry, we just don’t get it.

Another day, another strange TikTok trend.

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