The hedgehog is back in action!

Remember when a Sonic the Hedgehog movie was announced and fans of the iconic SEGA character first got a look at the character design?

Yeah, that didn’t go down so well. However, you have to hand it to director Jeff Fowler, who promised fans that he would get it changed. Indeed, the Sonic we got was exactly what plenty of audiences wanted.

The 2020 movie was well received and we were recently invited to tuck into a sequel that ushers in more recognisable characters associated with the speedy protagonist.

However, the sequel has encouraged some to ask… how old is Sonic in the movie?

still from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 final trailer, Paramount Pictures

How old is Sonic in the new movies?

Although Sonic’s age is never explicitly addressed in Sonic the Hedgehog or its sequel, the Sonic Fandom estimates that the character is roughly 13-14 years old in both movies.

This makes sense when taking into consideration the way Sonic acts.

There are numerous instances of Tom (played by James Marsden) and Maddie (Tika Sumpter) calling Sonic their “child” too, rather than their son.

Indeed, the titular hedgehog exhibits many childlike qualities, and the Paramount take on the character can arguably be considered an anthropomorphised take on a child superhero of sorts.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Fastest Trailer

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Fastest Trailer

‘It’s been amazing’

The voice of Sonic himself – Ben Schwartz – recently shared his thoughts on being given the opportunity to bring the character to the big screen while chatting to The Digital Fix:

“To me growing up, you know, me playing video games my whole life, but also being introduced to video games in the late ’80s, in the early ’90s, Sonic to me is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.”

He added: “So, the idea that I get to voice this character that has had such an incredible lineage and has such great VO actors along the path to here, it’s been amazing.”

Sonic will race back onto screens

That’s right. A third Sonic movie has already been announced by Paramount Pictures.

The sequel was announced in February 2022 at a Viacom Investor Event by President and CEO of Paramount Pictures & Nickelodeon, Brian Robbins. Those who have seen the second movie already will know that another film is set up perfectly.

If you’re yet to see it, stick around for the credits. You won’t want to miss it.