Amongst the Teletubbies characters, one of its most iconic was the smiley Sun Baby.

Teletubbies was considered one of the coolest TV shows in the 90s. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po have all graced our screens at some point, whether you wanted them to or not.

The only visible human on the show was a 9-month old baby who goes by the name of Jessica Smith. As she has now grown up, a picture of how she currently looks has resurfaced. Feeling old yet?

Who is behind the smiley Sun Baby?

Jessica Smith was born in 1995 in Chatham, England.

According to The Sun, the Briton revealed that she was the one behind the character when she just turned 19. Before then, only her family and her friends from the university knew about her secret Teletubbies appearances.

The real identity behind the Sun baby was posted in 2019 by Teletubbies’ Twitter account which showed Jess holding the baby that replaced her spot.

Last November 2021, the actress posted on her Instagram account a letter that she had written when she revealed herself as being the “real Teletubbies Baby Sun” after some had been pretending to be her.

As the post says, Jessica’s mum took her for a “routine check-up at the local hospital”. As a production company was looking for a smiley baby, the midwife selected her and the rest is history.

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Fans feel ‘old’ as they learn her identity

As the world learned of the Teletubbies baby’s whereabouts, fans felt “old” knowing that the baby had already grown up so much.

Even though the world has been reacting to the news since 2014, TikToker @lottieshulmesshowbiz recently made everyone feel old again.

It seems that even though many years have passed, people refuse to accept that the Sunshine baby in the Teletubbies has grown up so much. Well, it was more than 20 years ago, after all.

Where is Jessica Smith now

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Not much information is available about Jessica, other than she is currently around the age of 25 or 26.

From what she has posted on her Instagram, she is dating her boyfriend Ricky, with whom she moved in in December 2021.

She has also appeared on The Big Fat Quiz in early 2021, hosted by Jimmy Carr with Oti Mabuse, Rob Brydon, Katherine Ryan, Nish Kumar, Roisin Conaty, and Rob Beckett.

It is also her most recent public appearance on television since her 2017 interview with Lorraine.

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