What are Ezra Miller’s pronouns? Actor’s coming out story explored

Amber Peake

Ezra Miller made headlines this week after it was reported the actor had been arrested for disorderly conduct in Hawaii.

Many will be familiar with Miller as the actor plays The Flash in the DC Extended Universe, having starred in Suicide Squad and Justice League.

Amid the news, some fans have been wondering about Ezra Miller’s pronouns and how they identify. Let’s take a look…

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The Outfit | Trailer

What are Ezra Miller’s pronouns?

As per Ezra Miller’s official Instagram page, the 29-year-old’s current pronouns are listed as ‘they/them/its/ze’.

Some may be familiar with the use of ‘they/them’, gender-neutral pronouns used to refer to an individual as opposed to the use of more gendered pronouns such as ‘she/ her’ or ‘he/him’.

‘Ze’ is another gender-neutral pronoun and, according to MyPronouns.org, is pronounced with a longer ‘e’ sound, like ‘zee’.

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What has Miller said about pronouns

In a 2018 interview with GQ, Ezra Miller said they were “comfortable with all the pronouns”. Miller explained: “I let ‘he/his/him’ ride, and that’s fine.”

However, in a 2018 interview with ES Magazine, Miller said that while they were ok with people using ‘he/him/his’ in reference to them, ‘they/them/theirs’ reflected the actor’s personal journey.

Miller told the publication: “I struggle with ‘male’. I don’t mind people using ‘he, him, his’ pronouns with me. Although more and more on my personal journey, ‘they, them, theirs’ are starting to make sense.”

More recently, in a 2020 GQ Style Magazine article, Miller’s pronouns were listed as ‘they/them’. The article explained Miller’s use of the gender-neutral pronouns was a “pointed refusal to be gendered or identified in any category”.

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Actor’s coming out story explored

Ezra Miller opened up on their sexuality in 2012 to Out Magazine as the actor stated they identified as queer. However, over the years they have described their gender identity as fluid.

Reflecting on coming out, during an interview with ES Magazine in 2018, Miller admitted their “years of exploration” had been a “beautiful, ongoing and very sexy journey”.

More recently, the actor spoke out on how they were “no longer defined by labels”. In the 2020 GQ Style Magazine article, it was reported Miller no longer identified as queer as the publication explained the term was a “label that Miller eschews, as even ‘queer’ is a label to them”.