This Is Going To Hurt has been one of BBC One and iPlayer’s best new arrivals this year as the series blends comedy with the hard-hitting realities of working in the NHS.

Based on the diary entries of Adam Kay, the series follows a fictionalised version of Kay as he struggles through the highs and lows of relentless shifts, 97-hour work weeks and the terrifying life-and-death decisions that must be made in the blink of an eye.

As well as Adam’s tale, This Is Going To Hurt also tells the story of a new arrival at the hospital, Shruti Acharya but just what happens to her in the series and is she based on a real person?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for This Is Going To Hurt*

This Is Going To Hurt | Trailer | BBC

This Is Going To Hurt | Trailer | BBC

What happened to Shruti in This Is Going To Hurt?

Episode 6 of the BBC series ended in heartbreak as Shruti Acharya committed suicide.

After yet another relentless shift, Shruti leaves the hospital with Adam and when the two part ways, she turns to the camera saying “I’m sorry, I really did try.”

The fact that Shruti has taken her own life is never overtly spoken in episode 6 but the reaction of Adam, the hospital staff and Shruti’s parents are enough to confirm what has happened.

In episode 7, the story picks up two months later and the hospital’s staff are expected to continue working as if nothing has happened.


Is Shruti’s story based on true events?

In Adam Kay’s original book, there is no character named Shruti Acharya, meaning that she was created specifically for the TV series itself.

However, while Shruti may be a fictional character, her story is inspired by real cases of NHS staff who have struggled with mental health issues.

Citing figures from the Office of National Statistics, I News also noted that between 2011 and 2017, there were 305 deaths among nurses with an underlying cause of suicide or undetermined intent.

That figure rose alarmingly following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic as I News reported in June 2021 that more than 300 NHS staff, including doctors and nurses, attempted suicide in 2020 alone.


Fans distraught by Shruti’s fate

Episode 6 of This Is Going To Hurt and Shruti’s ordeal sparked an instant reaction from fans with many taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I’ve cried at least once in every single episode. Sobbing for Shruti. I can’t imagine the pressure our #NHS staff are under. We’ve failed them #thisisgoingtohurt.”

While another added: “I’ve thought about Shruti every day since watching This Is Going To Hurt.”

This fan commented: “Just watched episode 6 of This is Going to Hurt. The character Shruti is hauntingly relatable to many working in the NHS. Look after each other.”

Another Twitter user said: “Finally got round to watching This Is Going To Hurt. Shruti broke my heart. Her storyline was all too real and triggering. Breaks my heart that there are many people in the NHS feeling this way and somewhere along the line, it’s been considered poor form to talk about it.”

This fan wrote: “Last night’s “This Is Going To Hurt was so good but so painful to watch, poor Shruti, what a waste. I don’t think I ever saw her smile. NHS doctors are under far too much pressure.”

And finally, this fan commented: “I still haven’t processed the penultimate episode of This Is Going To Hurt. Shruti’s story has broken my heart.”


This Is Going to Hurt is airing weekly on BBC One until March 22nd and is available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer.

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