Leoni Fildes, a 34-year-old mum who lives in Salford, has gone viral on the internet after ordering a £4,500 Uber to “help Ukraine” following “one too many drinks, The Daily Mail reports.

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to get a taxi to go home after a couple of drinks. And often, getting home can be more expensive than we think.

But one mother woke up with a shock the next morning when she discovered Uber attempted to take £4.5k from her bank account nine times.

So, let’s meet Leoni and find out how and why her name is all over national media outlets.

Meet Leoni Fildes

Leoni Fildes, 34, is a mother of two children and is based in Salford, Greater Manchester.

According to her Instagram and Facebook accounts, she is a owner of a local dog grooming business.

She has gone viral on social media and her name is all over national media publications after her story about a £4,500 Uber to Ukraine.

Leoni ordered £4,500 Uber “to help Ukraine”

As per the Daily Mail report, Leoni Fildes has claimed she ordered a £4,500 Uber to “help Ukraine” following “one too many double pink gins and shots of Sambuca”. Thankfully, she had “insufficient funds” for the transaction to go through.

The mum said she was out to celebrate a friend’s birthday in Swinton when she and her friends started talking about Ukraine and how they can help.

The next morning, Leoni woke up shocked after a call from her bank questioned a hefty transaction which was attempted nine times.

“I’m 34 – I should know better,” she explained (via Metro.co.uk). “The next day I didn’t remember doing it. I was like ‘oh my god’. I woke up to my bank ringing me, thinking my card had been [used fraudulently].”

She continued: “Uber tried to take the payment nine times out of my account. They were pretty determined. I had a little flashback when the bank called and I said, ‘I think it was me – sorry’.”

A regular UberX taxi would have cost Leoni between £2,564 and £3,313. If she went for an UberXL, it would been between £3,688 and £4,758.

“I don’t know what I’d do if Uber had let me order it. I don’t think I’d have got in but you don’t know after a drink,” Leoni continued. “I might have piled into the taxi and realised when we got further out.

“It would have been coming out of my account and I don’t know where I’d have woken up.”

She later wrote in a Facebook post (via Manchester Evening News): “I’m so glad I didn’t have the funds available (was only a quid short) but this is the reason I shouldn’t go out. Trying to order an Uber to Ukraine last night coz I’d had a few sambukas [sic].”

Meanwhile, a Uber spokesperson said: “We can confirm that no trip requests were successfully made in this instance. We are looking into this further to understand what happened.”

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