The current Elden Ring speedrun world record is mighty impressive and you can attempt to follow their route and glitches if you’d like to quickly beat the game as well.

FromSoftware’s newest magnum opus can take as long as 100 hours to beat for players. It was originally marketed as 30 hours long if you just follow the path marked by the Sites of Grace, but it takes over twice as long if you want to defeat all of the bosses available.

If you already wear the honour of beating the game, you may wish to try your hand at finishing it in less than an hour.

What is the Elden Ring speedrun world record?

The current Elden Ring speedrun world record is 28:59 and this belongs to YouTuber Distortion2.

They already established mighty feats before by beating the game in 49:29, then 37:15, 36:20, and 33:35. Now they have beaten the game in under half-an-hour which is quite frankly insane.

And they may not be finished yet as their video suggests that the best possible time is 27:53. Of course, their incredible feat doesn’t include defeating all of the optional bosses nor even the main ones.

In addition, it also exploits a glitch.

Elden Ring | Story Trailer

Elden Ring | Story Trailer

Route and glitches

The Elden Ring speedrun world record route exploits the wrong warp glitch. This allows players to spawn to a different location than normally possible as per the Speed Souls website.

Aside from using the wrong warp glitch, Distortion2 also chose the Samurai class with Fanged Imp Ashes. Once the game started, they immediately avoided the first boss fight by simply jumping off the cliff.

They then avoided the optional tutorial and ran straight from Limegrave to the Gatefront Site of Grance so they could unlock Torrent from Melina. Per Kotaku, they then through the Lands Between and used the The Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes to warp around the map.

It’s then mostly platforming up Crumbling Farum Azula and Volcano Manor. Check out their video guide to see the route in-action.

Another route you can take is entering Ray Lucaria with the Glinstone Key. Drop into Sellia Crystal Tunnel with an enemy’s grab attack to avoid dying and then die to an Abductor Virgin to teleport to Volcano Manor. Visit Roundtable Hold and use teleport stone in Liurnia to head to War Counselor Iji.

You then need to pass by some more checkpoints before using the teleporter at the Four Belfries to reach Crumbling Farum Azula. You then need to use another teleport point and quit to trick the game into teleporting you into another area of Farum Azula that is near the final boss gauntlet.

This route was also shown by Distortion2 (via Win).

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