President Biden gave his State of the Union address to the US Congress on Tuesday (March 1st).

The annual speech is usually given at the start of every calendar year but was delayed in 2022 due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

Delivered by the President, the speech outlines the current state of the nation and discusses a number of pressing topics.

Biden spoke about some of 2022’s most important issues from the Ukraine crisis to Covid-19, and as always, memes are now flooding Twitter.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the subject of many of the viral memes, but why? Read on to find out…

Photo by Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

Nancy’s bizarre reaction goes viral

The democrat politician is the talk of the internet thanks to her bizarre reaction to a very serious issue.

During the address, Biden began speaking about “burn pits” in the Middle East, which were the US’s way of disposing military waste in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers. One being stationed at bases breathing in toxic smoke from burn pits,” the President said.

As he made the statement, Nancy Pelosi stood up, grinned and strangely rubbed her hands together, and her reaction has instantly become a Twitter meme.

Twitter users react

People are calling the moment “weird” and “creepy”.

Her reaction was rather odd.

America is very confused.

Memes are flooding social media.

Some are saying she looked drunk.

The Batman | Main Trailer

The Batman | Main Trailer

Her mouth is a meme too

Nancy’s weird reaction isn’t the only reason that she’s a viral meme following the State of the Union.

The speaker’s mouth is a hot topic of conversation online after the 81-year-old was seen strangely touching her teeth with her tongue.

Everyone was distracted by it.

Well that’s one way of describing it.

People were very confused.

Were her dentures loose?

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