A video of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky playing the piano with his private parts has gone viral, reminding people all around the world of his comedic past.

The clip, which is a piece of sketch comedy, was taken from a Ukrainian TV show on which Zelensky appeared. Here is everything we know…

Video of Zelensky playing piano with private parts goes viral

A clip from Zelensky’s past as a comedian has gone viral online this week. The video shows Zelensky playing the piano onstage in front of a live audience with his private parts.

Journalist Amy Spiro shared the clip on Twitter and captioned it: “Who among us has not played “Hava Nagila” on a piano with their genitals on stage and then gone on to lead their country against a foreign invasion?”

The video has a million views on Twitter as people all over the world are reflecting on Zelensky’s past as an actor and comedian.

Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images

President Zelensky’s comedic past explained

Zelensky’s road to becoming president began when he starred in TV show Servant of the People. In the show, he played the role of a schoolteacher who became the president of Ukraine.

The now-president’s character Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko unexpectedly becomes leader of his country after a video of him criticising politicians goes viral online.

After the show became immensely popular in 2018, Zelensky announced on live television that he planned to run for president. He then won the 2019 presidential election with a landslide 73% of the vote.

Zelensky voiced Paddington Bear…

Although many people were aware of Zelensky’s comedic past, others were shocked to find out that the Ukrainian president also voiced Paddington Bear.

When the film was released in Ukraine, Zelensky took on the voice role of the beloved bear.

On February 27th, Hugh Bonneville, who played Paddington’s foster father Henry Brown in the UK version of the 2014 film, tweeted:

“Until today I had no idea who provided the voice of Paddington Bear in Ukraine. Speaking for myself, thank you, President Zelensky.”

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