After a series of Valentine’s and Marvel Civil War themed Instagram posts from Ye, fans are dying to know who “Skete” is.

Taking to Instagram this weekend, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, left some fans confused as he referred to a “Skete” in the caption of one of his posts.

We explore who fans think Ye was referring to in the IG post, and the musician’s actual intended meaning.

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Kanye mentions ‘Skete’ in Marvel Civil War and Valentine’s Day Instagram posts

Ye was especially active on Instagram this weekend, sharing several posts about Kid Cudi following his announcement the rapper would not feature on Donda 2. However, this post has since been deleted.

One post featured a recreation of the Marvel Civil War movie poster, with Kanye and Pete Davidson’s faces superimposed in opposite corners of the design.

On Kanye’s half of the poster Drake, his current girlfriend Julia Fox, Travis Scott and Future’s faces were also added. Whereas Pete’s side featured photos of Kim Kardashian, Kid Cudi, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift.

In the caption of the post, Ye wrote: “The internet has still not found a decent picture of Skete.” The post went viral shortly after and fans are now abuzz with theories as to who “Skete” really is. Spoiler alert – it’s super obvious.

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Who is ‘Skete’?

Kanye’s Civil War movie poster post has sparked curiosity among fans as many have wondered about who the rapper is referring to in the caption.

Some have linked the term to Pete Davidson, with “Skete Davidson” having since started trending across Twitter:

However, others think “Skete” could also refer to both Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian as a couple:

Today, 14 February, Ye followed up with two more posts that really spelled it out for those at the back of the class.

In the first post, from just an hour ago, Ye continues his all caps rant with photos of Kim wearing a coat he bought for her “BEFORE SNL, [he] THOUGHT IT WAS PARTICULARLY SPECIAL.” Pictured next to her, holding the car door open, is a tall man that looks a lot like comedian Pete Davidson.

The second Valentine’s post from less than an hour ago features screenshots of encouraging comments from fans who are still rooting for Kimye despite the current situation. In the caption, Ye tells fans (more or less seriously) that if they “SEE SKETE IN REAL LIFE SCREAM AT THE LOOSER AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND SAY KIMYE FOREVER 💔”. This post and others about Kim and Pete have now been deleted.

Here at TF we don’t endorse or condone violence, so please take Ye’s recommendation with a giant grain of salt.

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Fans have theories about the intended meaning of ‘Skete’

Even though it’s already pretty obvious Ye means by “Skete”, that didn’t stop fans from theorising on other possible meanings.

Some seem to think “Skete” could be an amalgamation of Pete and Kim together, kind of like the Kimye portmanteau from when the couple were going strong:

However, according to Urban Dictionary, “Skete” is a slang term that has a series of NSFW and explicit meanings.