Travis T-Bone Turner, Bone Collector’s co-host from Hogansville, Atlanta, took to social media last week to share a devastating health update.

The TV personality, known for his sharp archery and hunting skills, has been lying low during the past few months and has largely taken a break from his US shopping mall meet and greets, leaving fans concerned.

Now, in a social media post, T-Bone decided to tell his online fans and followers what exactly happened.


What happened to T-Bone from Bone Collector?

On 2 February 2022, T-Bone posted a five-minute video to his Facebook and Instagram pages, explaining he has been diagnosed with cancer. Introducing the announcement, he points to his bald scalp, saying: “It is slick as a ribbon up top.“ His lack of hair is a symptom of the chemotherapy he has undergone.

He confirms to viewers the process started in July 2021 when he went to the hospital for an infected tick bite. While there, he asked doctors about a knot that had appeared on his right shin, “the size of a grape”. It wasn’t something they were initially worried about.

T-Bone then explains that by August the knot had “grown to be bigger than a golf ball” so he went to another doctor who referred him for further treatment. A surgeon told him two more knots were growing on either side and gave him an MRI, which confirmed they were tumours.

The TV personality was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma cancer in September 2021 and, in late October, a CT scan confirmed there was a 9mm nodule in his left lung and three tumours on his shin the size of “softballs”. It was at this point, he says, he started an “extremely aggressive round of chemo”.

The TV personality told his fans he was on “a road to recovery, a road to healing”, and would this week have his right leg amputated above the knee.

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Fibrosarcoma cancer diagnosis explained

Fibrosarcoma is a rare type of cancer that affects about one in two million people worldwide. It affects cells known as fibroblasts, which are responsible for creating fibrous tissue throughout the body, connecting muscle to bone. When this cancer is triggered, the body’s fibroblasts lose control and multiply in excess, creating fibrous tissue where it isn’t supposed to be.

While fibrosarcoma can occur anywhere in the body, it is most commonly found in the trunk, arms or legs. The cancer can develop at any age but is most common in people aged between 20 and 60.

T-Bone fans react to health update

The announcement came as a shock to fans, who were unwavering in their support towards T-Bone and his family.

One Facebook user replied to his post: “Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.”

Another commented: “Keep the faith, and keep that chin up!”

A third added: “Sorry you are going through this but glad you have a good support team and so many people uplifting you with good vibes, positive energy, love and prayer.”

Support was just as rife on Twitter: “We love you T-Bone! I know he will kick cancer’s butt.”

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