Every household in America can now order four free antigen Covid tests to be delivered to their home by the postal service.

This comes after the Biden Administration launched a new website where people in the US can order their free at-home tests.

The website was announced last week and set to launch on January 19th, but many people were able to order tests early yesterday during the site’s beta testing phase.

If you need your test quickly, this isn’t the best service to use though at it states that shipping will make 7 to 12 days.

As always, people are reacting to the new scheme with memes. Here are some of them…

Covid test memes from Twitter

USPS workers looking at the Covid test orders skyrocketing.

People want stimulus payments not free Covid tests.

Anyone else getting bombarded with texts?

Reminds us of this iconic TV show.

What Obama said.

Vikings: Valhalla | Official Teaser | Netflix

Vikings: Valhalla | Official Teaser | Netflix

Someone’s bound to make up a conspiracy theory sooner or later.

Covid tests in a nutshell.

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USPS workers are going to be busy.

And that’s the tea.


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Okay, it’s getting really annoying now.

Everyone ordering their free Covid tests.

Best of all, it’s free!

About time.

When your housemate already used your address for the free tests.

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