Mon 17 January 2022 18:06, UK

Twitch streamer JiDion has opened up about his permanent ban from the platform, asking fans for their help to get him reinstated.

In a new video posted on his Twitter account, JiDion admitted he deserved his initial 14-day ban but branded a permanent ban from Twitch “unfair”.

Here’s everything we know…

Why was JiDion banned from Twitch?

JiDion was banned from Twitch after he encouraged his chat to go on Pokimane’s stream under the instructions “everybody say L + Ratio”.

According to The Sun, after realising what was happening Pokimane responded:

“It’s embarrassing and if you get banned I’m not even gonna be sad. I’m not gonna apologise. You did that sh*t to yourself, bro.”

Speaking out about the situation and his permaban, JiDion tweeted:

“In the end, whatever happens I learned from my mistake and will do better in the future. I learned how much you guys really love me and I’ll be sure to never lose your trust.”

What did Pokimane say about the situation?

Pokimane cut her stream short after she claimed her viewers were being targeted by JiDion’s chat.

She claimed JiDion’s fans were “whispering” people on her stream, which is a way to DM someone you see in chat on Twitch, according to The Focus.

During the chat, Pokimane said: “I think I’m gonna end (this) stream. Because as much as I can deal with this, I don’t like that people from his stream are whispering people on my stream.

“I’ll put up with the bullsh*t, but I don’t want you guys to put up with bullsh*t.”

JiDion speaks out on Twitch permaban

In a video posted to Twitter on January 17th, JiDion reached out to his fans to ask for their help getting him back on Twitch.

JiDion began the video by saying he “deserved to get banned” given he broke the platform’s terms of service.

He said: “When Twitch first banned me I got a 14-day suspension but, after other people reacted to my ban and voiced their opinion on that not being severe enough, my 14-day suspension went to a permaban, which I feel is unfair.”

JiDion urged Twitch to keep his original 14-day suspension especially for a “first-time offence”.

The streamer finished up by saying: “Obviously, what I did was wrong. It is what it is but how am I supposed to do better next time if I can never get a next time?”

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