The much-awaited Scream 2022 arrived in theatres on January 14. Find out who the killer is in the film.

The Scream franchise has been spooking fans out ever since Wes Craven created the first one in 1996.

The movie revolved around high schooler Sidney Prescott, who lives in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. Sidney soon becomes the target of a mysterious killer known as Ghostface.

The wild success of the first movie prompted the filmmakers to create four more instalments. The latest one is Scream 5, which hit the screens this year.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

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Who is the killer in Scream 2022?

Scream 2022 sees a lot of the movie franchise’s original cast return to the big screen. Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewy Riley (David Arquette) are among the original characters who are featured in the fifth instalment.

The new characters include Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter and Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter.

Scream 5 has two killers, the first one being Amber Freeman and the second being Richie Kirsch.

Amber is the first killer revealed in the film. She unmasks herself as Ghostface during a party at her home at the film’s finishing sequence.

Amber stops the party with the help of Richie and forces almost everyone out. But, Tara, Sam and Richie are still in the house looking for the former’s spare inhaler.

However, out of nowhere, Ghostface appears and attacks Mindy, one of the last guests still at the party.

She escapes thanks to Sam’s quick thinking but Liv returns later to reveal that she had found Chad stabbed and wounded outside.

Screenshot from Scream | Official Trailer (2022 Movie) | Paramount Pictures (YouTube)

Once the group begins arguing over who the killer is, Amber reveals it’s her and kills Liv. Amber also shoots Gale.

The second killer in Scream 5, Richie, unmasks himself after Sidney runs into Amber’s house where Gale is shot. Upon opening a random door, she finds Richie, who pretends to be hiding from Ghostface.

After some more action goes down, Richie runs down the stairs, embraces Sam and tells her how happy he is to see her alive, before stabbing her and revealing his identity.

We also learn that Amber and Richie are not only accomplices, but are also a couple.

Which characters die in the film?

Here’s a list of all the characters that die in Scream 2022.

  • Vince Schneider played by Kyle Gallner
  • Judy Hicks played by Marley Shelton
  • Wes Hicks played by Dylan Minnette
  • Dewey Riley played by David Arquette
  • Liv McKenzie played by Sonia Ben Ammar

Fans react to Scream 5

Here’s a look at how fans are reacting to the film’s release.

Scream | Final Trailer

Scream | Final Trailer

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