Every once in a while, a bizarre trend goes viral on TikTok, but the latest ‘Sleepy Chicken’ one is not only bizarre, it’s also extremely dangerous.

TikTok trends that involve dancing, singing and even cooking are fun for the most part. Every week, the platform sees a new trend take over it and many users jump on the chance to make more fun videos with it.

But, doctors and experts are discouraging TikTok users from getting behind the ‘Sleepy Chicken’ trend. Here’s why!

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What is the Sleepy Chicken trend on TikTok?

TikTok’s bizarre ‘Sleepy Chicken,’ aka ‘NyQuil chicken,’ trend sees users creating their very own chicken ‘recipe,’ claiming it’s a remedy for the ongoing cold and flu.

However, the recipe is one you shouldn’t even consider trying.

Some are also calling it the ‘Nyquil chicken’ recipe. The UK equivalent to Nyquil would be a product such as Night Nurse.

TikTok users are braising their chicken in the Nyquil solution, a medicinal product that helps with cold and flu, as a part of this ‘recipe’. The solution is meant to provide nighttime relief from cold and other related problems.

Several TikTok videos show people pouring up to half a bottle of the medicine over their meat as it simmers on flame. The chicken is basically soaked in the solution.

Just by the looks of it, the ‘dish’ looks disgusting. It looks less like a remedy and more like something that could make you sick after eating. The doctors agree with this opinion.

Doctors warn against the dangerous trend

In an interview with The Sun, Dr Jeff Foster said “The idea that by saturating any food product in a medicine believing that it will provide some novel health benefit or cure is not just stupid, but incredibly dangerous.”

The doc detailed how consuming any medicine in proper doses is very important.

He said, “We have doses on medicines for a reason. If you soak food in it, and then cook it, you are very likely to overdose or at least have no idea what dose you are getting.”

Another medical practitioner, Dr Aaron Hartman, who is a physician and assistant clinical professor of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, explained how this trend could backfire.

Speaking to MIC.com, he said, “When you cook cough medicine like NyQuil, you boil off the water and alcohol in it, leaving the chicken saturated with a super concentrated amount of drugs in the meat.”

“If you ate one of those cutlets completely cooked, it’d be as if you’re actually consuming a quarter to half a bottle of NyQuil.”

The medical practitioner also highlighted that this could cause food poisoning, which will lead to sickness and diarrhoea.

However, there are much bigger risks involved.

Dr Hartman also explained that when cooking your chicken in medicine, you are breathing the medicine in as well as eating it. That’s not safe at all.

TikTok issues warning against harmful challenges and hoaxes

If you go ahead and type ‘Nyquil Chicken’ on TikTok, you won’t be able to view these videos. The platform is in the process of clearing up all of these clips and rightly so.

As a search result, TikTok presents you with a link to its support page that tells you how to recognise which challenges are harmful and how to avoid spreading hoaxes.

The Sleepy Chicken trend definitely falls under that category and it is one you should stay away from!

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