Eternals (2021) provided fans with some context on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, who is the MCU villain Black Roger?

Marvel’s Eternals introduced Harry Styles in the cast as Eros, aka Starfox, in the end-credit scene.

The cosmic adventurer is introduced as “the brother of Thanos and defeater of Black Roger.” But, the identity and origin of Black Roger is yet to be revealed.

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Who is Black Roger in Marvel’s Eternals?

Before diving into Black Roger’s identity, we need to understand who Harry Styles’ Eros is.

Eros, aka Starfox, is an MCU character in the Marvel universe. Not only is he an adventurer and the brother of Thanos, but also an Eternal.

Eros’ carefree personality often lands him in trouble and this is exactly what happens in Marvel Comics Presents #65 by Howard Mackie and Mark Texeira.

In the story “Wang Dang Doodle,” the cosmic adventurer comes face to face with Dark Roger, who could be the Black Roger mentioned in Eternals.

Black Roger is apparently a celebrated monarch of the Mystery Planet. The planet is literally called ‘mystery’ because no one in the universe has been able to find its location.

Its monarch, Dark Roger, aka Black Roger, prefers it that way and also stays in hiding until he eventually decides to emerge.

In Marvel Comics, Dark Roger is shown adorning a unique all-grey armour that looks like a mixture of Iron Man and the villain Stilt-Man’s costumes. Not much is known about the MCU villain’s abilities.

But, we do learn that he commands a massive army and weapons.

What happens between Black Roger and Eros?

Black Roger apparently drops the veil of mystery to woo a woman named Heater Delight but ends up coming face to face with Eros. Hardcore MCU fans know that Eros never readily seeks combat but does not back away once he finds it.

Although Black Roger stands his ground, his army and abilities turn out to be no match for Eros. He is eventually defeated in the face-off and a new title ‘defeater of Black Roger’ is credited to Eros.

What are Eros’ powers?

MCU fans have always had mixed feelings about Eros’ powers and the morality behind using them.

Eros can connect an individual’s pleasure centres and also bridge emotions between two people.

In the comics, Eros has been depicted as using this power to manipulate people’s thinking and perceptions of him as well as others. He causes them physical bliss until they are unable to move and become paralyzed.

He is known to have a carefree attitude but that changes after his elder brother Thanos goes on a destructive rampage across Titan, killing most of their population of Eternals, including their own mother.

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