HBO Max’s new show based on DC superhero ‘Peacemaker’ is taking fans on a whirlwind ride since its release. But, who is Peacemaker’s dad?

The HBO Max series, named after the DC superhero, was released on January 13.

The show debuted with its first three episodes, but it was Episode 2, titled “Best Friend, For Never,” that caught the attention of many fans.

Screenshot from Peacemaker | Official Red Band Trailer | HBO Max

Who is Peacemaker’s dad?

The show’s first episode “A Whole New Whirled” introduced Peacemaker aka Christopher Smith’s father, Auggie Smith.

We learn that Auggie, played by Robert Patrick, is a tech genius of sorts. He has even crafted a surreal, outstretched lab and has made up to 10 helmets for his son Chris to grab and go.

Auggie has outlined each helmet with a different combat ability. For instance, one has X-ray vision, while another allows him to breathe underwater.

However, in episode 2, Auggie lands in jail thanks to his son Peacemaker’s gimmicks. It is at this point that he is revealed to be the White Dragon.

When the superhero character played by John Cena goes to retrieve his sidekick, Eagly, from his dad Auggie’s house, the latter appears to be very dismissive by nature.

DC villain White Dragon’s powers explained

In the DC comics, White Dragon is shown to be a skilled marksman who is competent at close combat. But, the character in itself has no notable powers.

White Dragon is merely a human-driven by some strong ideologies.

In the Peacemaker series so far, White Dragon’s powers have not been fully explored, but it is clear that he is a skilled inventor and engineer.

What’s the plot of the new HBO Max show?

The HBO Max show follows Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, who has a brand new mission in front of him.

John Cena’s character aims to untangle a grave conspiracy and in the process, crosses paths with comic book characters such as Vigilante and Judomaster.

Fans have been over the moon ever since the new show dropped.

Peacemaker | Vigilante Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker | Vigilante Teaser | HBO Max

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