The word avow is currently going viral on TikTok, and people are wondering exactly what it means. So, if you want to stay up to date with the coolest new slang, then look no further.

Every day, new TikTok tunes, dances and recipes are created and sent viral. Now, new words and slang have started to pick up and the latest trend is Abo, also written as Abow or Avow.

Stay tuned to find out what you’re really saying when you use the latest abbreviation, Avow.

What does avow mean on TikTok

There are many meanings of Avow in the Urban Dictionary. The first and main meaning was posted last year and described as being Swedish slang which means ‘wow’, ‘omg, ‘whaat” or ‘damn.’

Other’s say that it is European slang and the origin of the word is said to come from the middle east as Turkish Arabic slang.

Abow is also said to be used by people from Milwaukee as a term they refer to when they are getting ‘lit’.

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This term has become prolific since being featured in a song that was released by budding musical artists ShantiiP and TarioP. The song was released on YouTube on 26 December 2021 and has since gone viral on TikTok.

The song titled Throw It Back mentions the words abow or avow in its lyrics: “He told me Throw It back abow.” The word is repeated throughout the song.

From there the slang word went viral and the hashtag of avow racked up many views, reaching over 500 million.

New slang goes viral and fans are confused


I don’t know what #abow means but it gives me baddie energy #blackgirltiktok

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