Peacemaker’s third episode ended on a huge cliffhanger with the introduction of creatures called Butterflies. Here’s what we know about them so far.

So, what are the Butterflies? Bear in mind that this article contains spoilers for episode 3.


What are Peacemaker’s Butterflies?

Episode 3 ‘Better Goff Dead’ ended with the tease of Project Butterfly and “suspected butterflies” that are all across the globe.

The Butterflies appear to be some sorts of creatures that have mind-controlling abilities and use human beings as their hosts.

The third episode shows that Peacemaker and Harcourt watch over Butterfly family members who eat their soup with their proboscis in a similar way to a butterfly’s proboscis.

While it’s unknown who is behind them, large insects live in the creatures’ heads which have been speculated to act as “transmitters” between the insects and the human bodies.

Do they appear in DC comics?

Peacemaker‘s Butterflies appear to be characters from the mastermind of James Gunn and do not appear to have direct link to the comics.

However, they may have been partially inspired by DC comics as there are several characters with mind-controlling abilities.

We have Mister Mind, who appeared in appeared in 1943’s Captain Marvel Adventures #22 and Doctor Psycho from the 1943 Wonder Woman #5.

There is also Insect Queen, Superman’s love interest Lana Lang, who can control insects.

Introduced in Superman #671, she had the masterplan to rule over the world with her power which ties in with the storyline in Peacemaker.

Peacemaker | Peacemaker Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker | Peacemaker Teaser | HBO Max

Fans share theories

Peacemaker fans have taken to different platforms such as Twitter to share their theories about the creatures.

“Just a feeling, but could Mr. Mind from Shazam be behind the butterflies?” speculated one viewer.

Another one wrote: “Third episode reminds me of #AgentsOfShield With the whole butterfly thing.”

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