Quintin (Quin69) Crawford is the latest streamer to get banned on Twitch after finding himself in hot water over alleged remarks against women.

In the past few days, Twitch has banned many streamers for violating its policies during live streams. Only three days ago, Disguised Toast announced on Twitter he had been suspended on Twitch. His ban came less than a week after Pokimane’s account was suspended.

So what is the reason for Quin69’s ban, which has gathered a lot of attention? Let’s take a look…

SCREENSHOT of Quin69 from YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKxuuoxTGc0

Why was Quin69 banned from Twitch?

During his latest stream on Twitch, Quin69 was reportedly watching a video by the Jubilee channel on YouTube in which male and female activists debated their respective rights.

Quin69 weighed in on the subject when, as reported by Sportskeeda, he said: “It’s not even a hot take, this is just completely true. If women weren’t required for reproduction, they wouldn’t exist ’cause we would have killed them off by now.”

Streamerbans’ official Twitter account confirmed Quin69 had been banned but neither the streamer nor Twitch have revealed whether the suspension is temporary or permanent.

Not the first streamer to receive backlash

Some of Quin69’s fans on Reddit said they warned him he could face a ban as it isn’t the first time the streamer has made comments that have angered others.

Earlier this month, Twitch’s Kaceytron called out the platform for not imposing a ban on Quin69 after his alleged comment women put themselves at risk by wearing “short skirts”.

Pokémon Unite | Trevenant Character Trailer

Pokémon Unite | Trevenant Character Trailer

Why were Pokimane and Disguised Toast banned?

Pokimane was banned on Twitch on January 7, 2021 for watching animated show ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ during one of her streams.

Her suspension was lifted two days later.

Disguised Toast was suspended for a similar reason. The streamer was watching anime ‘Death Note’ when the live DMCA takedown occurred. His temporary ban was lifted two days later on January 13, 2022.