Chapter 1037 of the iconic One Piece manga series was sadly delayed last week, but what date will it now release and what spoilers have leaked online?

The new year may have only just started, but 2022 has already started off on a rather slow note for the manga industry.

Following the delays to new content over the Christmas – New Year period, many fans have been itching for their favourite series to return to their regular schedule.

Last week, the latest instalment of the One Piece manga was noticeably absent from Sunday’s to-do list. So, what date and time will One Piece chapter 1037 release worldwide, and what spoilers have leaked online?

One Piece Film Red |Teaser Trailer

One Piece Film Red |Teaser Trailer

Why was One Piece chapter 1037 delayed last week?

The 1037th instalment of the One Piece manga series was sadly delayed last week and did not release as expected on January 9th.

This was because the entire Weekly Shonen Jump magazine took a break from serialisation in Japan, so fans shouldn’t be too concerned by the most-recent hiatus.

The good news is that the magazine will return soon for its latest instalment, so what date will chapter 1037 release internationally?

One Piece chapter 1037 release date and time…

One Piece chapter 1037 is now scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, January 16th, 2022.

This has been confirmed by both Viz Media and Manga Plus, with the two platforms providing access to the hit manga series.

The new chapter is expected to become available to read through Viz Media and Manga Plus from the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM PST
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM EST
  • British Time: 3 PM GMT
  • European Time: 4 PM CEST
  • India Time: 8.30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM PHT
  • Australia Time: 1.30 AM ACDT

One Piece chapter 1037 spoilers…

According to reports on social media from the popular page ‘OPspoiler’, the upcoming chapter will be called “Shuron Hakke”.

The chapter starts in the Flower Capital, as hundreds of people continue to enjoy the festive celebrations. Cut back to Onigashima Castle, where Kaidou has stopped fighting Luffy to drink a bottle of Sake.

Kaidou gets very drunk very quickly and begins to cry with laughter, but uses a new technique called ‘Shuron Hakke’ technique. He launches several attacks on Luffy, one of which lands on Luffy’s forehead and causes the ceiling above the Live Floor to begin cracking.

Kaidou continues to drink the sake and starts to become upset at the castle being destroyed – even starting to cry again. Kaidou changes his form again as Luffy lands a double-leg kick to his chin with black lightning coming from the attack.

The two headbutt each other, as Kaidou now becomes more aggressive in his half-drunken state. Luffy then launches the ‘Colour of the Supreme King Haki’ attack and is able to land another kick to Kaidou’s stomach – his eyes go back and blood starts to spill from his mouth.

Meanwhile, Government warships are nearing Wanokuni. An agent from the fleet informs their admiral that they see a mysterious and ominous shadow approaching.

Cut back to Gorousei, who is arguing about “that fruit” which has become legend but that its existence is impossible, with it “not awakened in the past centuries.”

The chapter ends with the identity of the shadow seen by the fleet being revealed to be Zunesha – the giant elephant who carries the Zou island.

Is there a new anime episode this week?

Yes, episode 1006 of the One Piece anime series “I Won’t Forgive Him! Chopper’s Determination!” is set to release this weekend.

The new episode will premiere on either Saturday, January 15th or Sunday, January 16th depending on your international location.

Episode 1006 will premiere from the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 6 PM PST (Jan 15)
  • Eastern Time: 9 PM EST (Jan 15)
  • British Time: 2 AM GMT (Jan 16)
  • European Time: 3 AM CET (Jan 16)
  • India Time: 7.30 AM IST (Jan 16)
  • Philippine Time: 10 AM PHT (Jan 16)
  • Australia Time: 12.30 PM ACDT (Jan 16)

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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