An adorable golden retriever puppy is melting TikTok users’ hearts with its adorable tantrums in a video.

TikTok is a great place to watch the adorable antics of doggos, kitties and other pets.

Watching pet videos on the platform at the end of a stressful day has become the way to destress for many. Hence, we present you with a brand new TikTok that will melt away all your anxieties.

The video sees an adorable golden retriever throwing some cute tantrums on the person recording it.

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Golden retriever puppy throws cute tantrums in TikTok video

The viral video posted on the TikTok page ‘caligoldenretrievers’ on January 3 has already garnered over 2 million views.

The text on the footage reads “What a puppy tantrum looks like,” as we see two cute golden retriever pups on an artificial lawn.

While the other pup in the background is taking a leak, the star of the TikTok starts barking adorably at the person recording the video.

The text on the video attempts to translate what the puppy is attempting to say.

“I said… I want the milk truck [its mother]… now!”

The precious little pooch keeps barking at the camera. ‘”You’re not listening to me! Go get mommy now! No!” the text adds.

The viral video has over 500,000 likes already and over 1,600 comments from TikTok users who are touched by the golden retriever pup’s tantrums.

Users react to the adorable video

Many TikTok users couldn’t help but swoon over the adorable doggos.

One user hilariously wrote, “Such rage contained in a small fluffy package.”

A second user wrote, “how can something so tiny and cute possess so much attitude.”

Other adorable videos from ‘caligoldenretrievers’

The ‘caligoldenretrievers’ TikTok handle is filled with lovely videos of several golden retriever pups.

The videos capture the pups’ day to day activities and all the tantrums they throw.

One TikTok posted on January 11, sees slightly grown pups being introduced to newborns. The video has over 800,000 views.


If this doesn’t pull on your heart strings, I don’t know what will 💕 #goldenretriever #puppies #fyp

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Another recent upload sees an adorable golden retriever pup discovering that she has a tail.

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