‘F4 Thailand’ has picked up its pace with Gorya finally coming to meet Thyme for their first-ever date. While Thyme and Gorya are still not the ‘best of friends,’ fans are hoping to see some progress in their relationship in the fourth installment of the hit Thai show. Learn all about the time and preview of ‘F4 Thailand’ episode 4 here.

While the first three episodes of ‘F4 Thailand’ have focused on ‘angry young man’ Thyme, fans are excited to see his softer side in episode 4 as Gorya and Thyme will get to know them ‘better’ after their chaotic first date.

Along with Thyme, played by Bright, Win Metawin’s character Kavin will also be in the spotlight as he provides the ‘insider’ commentary from the world of F4.

Fans can’t wait for softboy Thyme in ‘F4 Thailand’ episode 4 (GMMTV Official YouTube)

International release time of ‘F4 Thailand’ episode 4 explained

The 4th installment of ‘F4 Thailand’ will be airing on January 15th, 2022. Catch ‘F4 Thailand’ episode 4 on January 15th at 8.30 PM Thailand time/ 8.30 AM ET/ 1.30 PM GMT.

Here’s a look at the international schedule.

  • Pacific Time: 5.30 AM January 15
  • Central Time: 7.30 AM CT, January 15
  • Eastern Time: 8.30 AM ET, January 15
  • British Time: 1.30 PM GMT, January 15
  • European Time: 2.30 PM CET, January 15
  • Indian Time: 7 PM IST, January 15
  • Philippine Time: 9.30 PM in the Philippines, January 15
  • Japan Time: 10.30 PM JST, January 15
  • Australian Time: 11 PM ACST, January 15
  • Singapore Time: 9.30 PM, January 15
Thyme and Gorya on their first date (GMM TV Official YouTube)

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F4 Thailand episode 4 preview: Gorya and Thyme in their first-ever date!

The ‘enemies to lovers’ trope is not getting old anytime soon and ‘F4 Thailand’s cast Bright (Thyme) and Tontawan’s (Gorya) brilliant chemistry is a raging example of that.

After locking horns in the first three episodes, Gorya and Thyme are likely to explore a newer side to their relationship in the fourth episode, the snippets of the preview have given hope to fans.

Gorya in episode 4 preview of F4 Thailand (GMMTV Official YouTube)

While Gorya juggles her life between the reality of home and a seemingly different world of ‘F4’ that almost looks perfect from outside, Kavin asks Thyme if he is serious about pursuing Gorya.

Win Metawin as Kavin in ‘F4 Thailand’ (GMMTV Official YouTube)

In another snippet, Gorya talks about her ‘first date’ with Thyme saying, “Is this a date with F4 Everyone dreams of? It’s nothing like I expected.”

Watch the complete preview below.

Where to watch ‘F4 Thailand’ Episode 4?

‘F4 Thailand’ episode 4 will be airing on GMMTV Official YouTube Channel on January 15th at 8.30 PM Thailand time/ 8.30 AM ET.

The episode will also be uploaded in Viu in selected regions. Fans in the Philippines can watch the show on Sunday at 8:30 pm (local time) on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z on January 16th, 2022, dubbed in Filipino.

Watch episode 4 below.

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