Three cats, their desperate owners and a Vitamix blender box have become a hot topic of discussion on the Internet and you are living under a rock if you haven’t come across it yet.

Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves went on to write to the blender brand making a rather bizarre request when they couldn’t find a solution to their hilarious problem.

Are you curious to know what the whole drama is about? We’ve broken down the viral story for you right here.

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The story of three cats and a Vitamix box explored

Jessica and Nikii purchased a blender by Vitamix on December 16, 2021. It’s been nearly four weeks since the product was bought, but the couple hasn’t been able to use it as their cats have held it hostage!

Yes, you read it right. In a Facebook post, the couple shared that their three cats Max, George and Lando Calrissian have been taking turns to sit on the box, without letting them open it.

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They even shared pictures of the same to show the drama caused by their pet cats.

“Mere seconds after setting down the Vitamix box, in the moments before we would’ve opened it and happily put our exciting new blender to use, Max (also known as the sentient soccer ball) spotted the box and, assuming it was for him, hopped right up on top. And that was the beginning of the end,” the post reads.

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Dear Vitamix,I feel like I should preface this by telling you that what follows is probably going to be the weirdest…

Posted by Jessica Gerson-Neeves on Sunday, January 2, 2022

Desperate couple makes a bizarre request

Jessica and Nikii said they had no choice but to write to the brand, making an unexpected request to solve their problem.

Noting that the “five-to-ten thousand people following the saga” would have shown interest in purchasing Vitamix blenders, the couple requested the company to send them three empty boxes.

“Other cardboard boxes seem to lack the appeal of the Vitamix box, and since, much like your wonderful blenders, this stand-off seems to be Built To Last, we’re afraid that this may be our only way out of the situation in which we find ourselves,” the post reads.

However, Nickii and Jessica haven’t received any response from Vitamix, they told USA Today.

Twitter reacts to the viral cat story

While the couple is still figuring out how to get their cats off of their Vitamix blender, Twitter users are unable to contain their laughter after coming across their funny experience.

One user wrote, “If anyone is following hilarious tale of three cats who for four weeks, won’t get off the Vitamix box, this trapping the family’s new blender I side for over four weeks thus far, my students have some suggestions:”

Another tweeted, “So far, the cats standing guard on the Vitamix box is the best thing in 2022.”

“Neither is a meme or video but the ongoing saga being chronicled on FB and the news between the vitamix box and three cats is HILARIOUS,” said another.

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