Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper has copped a hefty fine from the NFL, but why exactly was he fined? And what does it have to do with his vaccine status?

The Dallas Cowboys are searching for their sixth Super Bowl title in the 2022 NFL playoffs, with Amari Cooper a key cog in the team.

In the regular season, the WR produced eight touchdowns at an average of 12.7 yards as the Cowboys finished first in the NFC East.

They will play the San Francisco 49ers in the Wildcard round this weekend, in the hopes of advancing through to the next round.

Cooper has found himself in a bit of hot water this week with the NFL itself.

The NFL has fined him, but what exactly did Amari Cooper do wrong? And what’s it got to do with his vaccination status?

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Is Cooper vaccinated?

To fully understand the reason why Amari Cooper was fined, first his vaccination status must be understood.

Cooper is one of a number of NFL players who have decided against taking up the offer of a vaccine against coronavirus.

Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

He missed two games in the regular season after testing positive for the virus.

It is because Cooper is unvaccinated that, in part he was fined by the NFL.

Amari Cooper fine explained

Cooper was present at the Dallas Mavericks NBA game on January 5th vs the Golden State Warriors.

So far, so good. Just a player from one Dallas sports team supporting another outfit in another sport.

But it was what Amari Cooper did when he was there that has caused the problem for him.

Because he is unvaccinated, NFL rules state that he should have wearing a mask during the match.

He should also have been sitting in a private suite, with no more than 10 people around him.

Cooper was sat, maskless, courtside at the American Airlines Centre.

As a result – the NFL fined him $14,650 for violating the Covid-19 protocols in place.

Cooper is free to still play for the Cowboys in the NFL playoffs, providing he is free from injury and does not return a positive Covid test at any point.

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