Why did Gabi Butler leave Navarro as Cheer season 2 hits Netflix?

Ella Kipling

Cheer season 2 has finally hit Netflix and fans get to see what their favourite cheer team has gotten up to over the past year and a half.

One of the show’s stars is Gabi Butler. In season one Gabi was shown to be the golden girl of cheer with an incredible talent for flying (being the person thrown into the air.)

But what is Gabi up to now? And why did she leave Navarro? Here is everything we know…

Why did Gabi Butler leave Navarro?

Following Cheer season two, Gabi Butler left Navarro to attend Weber State University based in Utah. In a July 2021 interview with Hollywood Life, Gabi said:

“Because of COVID, they gave everyone one more year of eligibility and I watched Weber and they were just an amazing team and this year they came out with insane skills. So I really was intrigued and I wanted to learn more.”

In 2021, the Weber State University Wildcats Cheer Team won the NCA Collegiate Championships in Daytona.

Where is Gabi Butler now?

Gabi became an official member of the Weber Wildcats in October 2021, and in an interview she said:

“The talent here is just like on another level of insane. It’s almost like you’re watching an action movie and all these crazy things are happening. It’s like the Avengers, literally.”

Gabi described game days at Weber as “so much fun,” and said that she “actually enjoys cheering at games” despite the fact that in the past she used to “not like game day at all.”

She said: “We get a crowd, and they love our energy, so let’s give it back to them. I am so, so proud to be a Wildcat.”

Gabi has been posting tons of content about her life at Weber State and announced the news of her move in August to fans on Instagram. The cheerleading star posted a picture in her purple Weber State cheer uniform and captioned the snapshot: “Weber state babyyy.”

Who returned to Navarro in Cheer season two?

In Cheer season 2 episode 5, Monica spoke about the impact that Covid-19 had on the team and explained that due to the pandemic and the fact that they didn’t get to compete last year, Navarro had a lot of people return.

Amongst these returners are Gabi Butler, Maddy Brum, and La’Darius Marshall- central cheerleaders from season one of the show.

However, some of the show’s stars did not return to Navarro, and Monica said: “Unfortunately Morgan graduated, she’s no longer her, Lexie is not here, but he have other people that are stepping up.”

Therefore, although Navarro lost some cheerleaders, in Monica’s words, they have “returners that are just incredibly talented.”