The Eternals has not one but two post-credits scenes for fans to feast on, the first of which has got Marvel audiences curious about the common ancestry of Thanos and Eros.

Thanos and Eros are brothers, yes, and yet they couldn’t be much more different. Eros is conspicuously non-purple; Thanos is conspicuously evil; and yet, both have Eternal blood.

But it’s not quite as simple as that. So, is Thanos an Eternal like his brother Eros, and why are they so different from each other?

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Is Thanos an Eternal?

In terms of his comic book biography, Thanos’ mother and father are the Eternals Sui-San and A’lars. He was born on Saturn’s moon, Titan. 

So in this respect, yes, Thanos is indeed an Eternal.

However, Thanos also carries a recessive Deviant gene. As a result, he shares the physical appearance – you may have noticed that he’s a sort of purplish blue colour – of the Eternals’ cousin race. 

The Deviants are another Celestial-created race. But, unlike the Eternals, who are generally quite attractive, the Deviants are largely hideous. They represent the Celestials’ first attempt to manipulate the DNA of a terrestrial species, the purpose of which was to protect gestating Celestials contained within planets.

On seeing him, Thanos’ mother Sui-San thought he would destroy all life in the universe. She tried to kill him, but A’lars intervened. As it happens, she wasn’t far wrong.

Eternals | AR Story Experience | Official Trailer

Eternals | AR Story Experience | Official Trailer

How are Thanos and Eros related?

Thanos and Eros are brothers. Note: Eros also goes by Starfox, and joins Earth’s Avengers under this moniker.

From birth, Eros has the ability to stimulate pleasure in others. But this doesn’t work on his older brother, whose Deviant Syndrome makes him physically repulsive to others.

In its breakdown of The Eternals’ post-credit scenes, Screen Rant describes Eros as a “fun-loving, carefree womaniser”. He’s the one everyone wants to hang out with – Thanos, by contrast, is exiled from Titan for proposing a genocidal solution to overpopulation.

In other words, despite being brothers, Thanos and Eros could not be much more different.

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What happens in The Eternals’ post-credit scenes?

In The Eternals’ first post-credit scene, Eros – played by Harry Styles – warns the trio of Thena, Druig and Makkari that their friends are in trouble. 

(Given that the end text contains the message, “The Eternals will return”, it’s conceivable that a future movie will explore more of this.)

In the second post-credits scene, we see Kit Harington, aka Black Knight, open up a chest. Inside is the Ebony Blade, and a message – “death is my reward”. 

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