FBI’s 67th episode overall, titled simply, Grief, aired last night, with a startling revelation regarding the fate of ADIC Rina Trenholm.

The popular American crime drama television series is now approaching the end of its fourth season – Grief is the penultimate episode, followed by the season finale, Under Pressure, due to air next week.

With one or two theories floating around on Twitter, it’s worth recapping: what happened to Ring Trenholm on FBI last night, and how did she die?

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What happened to Rina Trenholm on FBI season 4 episode 11?

As the episode opens, assistant special agent Jubal Valentine, played by Jeremy Sisto, is stopping by the hospital.

Rina Trenholm has been holed up there since her attempted assassination two episodes earlier. During the rest of her team’s investigation into who was behind the attack, Rina suffers a brain haemorrhage; now, Valentine discovers, she’s reached the end.

When he arrives at the hospital, he finds Rina’s room empty. Patient affairs coordinator Susan Blanchard reveals that her parents, who had power of attorney, made the decision to discontinue life support for Ms Trenholm “last night”. 

The Anacrusis | Announce Trailer

The Anacrusis | Announce Trailer

How did Rina Trenholm die?

“It was a decision they made after a consultation with our medical staff and deep reflection,” she says.

Valentine protests, saying he’d spoken to her doctor who had told him it “wasn’t gonna happen until the end of the week”.

Later in the episode, Rina Trenholm’s mother says, “her father and I knew that that’s what she would’ve wanted, so there was no point delaying it”. She also reveals to Valentine that he was the reason she took up her job.

“She was happy in Newark. But she wanted to be near you.”

But how did Rina Trenholm die? As for who orchestrated the attack on Trenholm, the light of Valentine’s investigation falls on Antonio Vargas (David Zayas).

Who plays Rina Trenholm in FBI?

Born 1982, Canadian actress Kathleen Munroe plays Rina Trenholm in FBI.

Primarily a television actress, Munroe has had recurring and/or main roles in numerous series, including Beautiful People (2005-6), CSI: NY (2008-12), Call Me Fitz (2010-13), Haven (2010-11), Alphas (2011-12), Resurrection (2014) and, since 2020, FBI.

But she’s also been in several films, namely Survival Of The Dead (2009, as Janet/Jane O’Flynn), The Void (2016; Allison Fraser) and A Family Man (2017; Toni).

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Munroe also writes and plays music, speaks English and French fluently, and identifies as queer

“I am a queer woman and a new filmmaker with two films in development,” she wrote in The Toronto Star in February last year. “I’ve been a professional actor for two decades, and this shift to making my own films is thrilling. 

“But, making movies is hard. And for me, the abundance of recent straight-made and male-made movies about lesbians makes it harder.”

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