The second episode of season 2 of Superman & Lois, titled The Ties That Bind, is due to air on January 18 on CW.

The Arrowverse spinoff’s second season got off to a “stellar start” yesterday with episode 1, What Lies Beneath, introducing audiences to a new take on mother-daughter relationships

But what do we know about what’s in store in season 2 episode 2 of Superman and Lois? Have any plot points been teased?

Superman & Lois | Allegiance Season 2 Trailer | The CW

Superman & Lois | Allegiance Season 2 Trailer | The CW

Superman and Lois season 2 episode 2 release date and time

Per The Futon Critic’s listing for Superman and Lois, season 2 episode 2, The Ties That Bind, is due to air on January 18, 2022.

The show has a regular time slot of 8pm to 9pm EST. That’s 5pm PT, 6pm MST, or 7pm CST. The following episode, The Thing in the Mines, will air at 8pm EST on January 25.

Season 1 had 15 episodes in total, despite only 13 being planned originally; CW ordered two extra episodes a few weeks before the season premiered. 

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It debuted on February 23 with a two-hour event – a 90-minute extended premiere followed by a 30-minute behind-the-scenes special, per Deadline.

Season 2 of Superman and Lois will also run for 15 episodes, according to its entry in the Entertainment Identifier Registry.

What do we know about what will happen in episode 2?

The info listed on Rotten Tomatoes’ entry on the episode states that Clark will open up to Lois about his ongoing struggle with visions. But what is he seeing? 

“Destruction,” he says, during a promo for the episode. “Like a planet being destroyed?” Lois asks. 

The promo also shows Jordan pleading with his father, saying he knows what it’s like to have “those kinds of attacks”, and trying to persuade Clark to take him with him.

Meanwhile, tensions are expected to rise between Lois and Chrissy Beppo, a journalist at the Smallville Gazette.

And Jordan, Clark and Lois’ introspective son, will discover Sarah’s reluctance to spend time with Natalie Irons, John Henry Irons’ daughter.

Superman and Lois season 2 premiere reactions

The series as a whole has a strong 7.9 rating on IMDB, but most of those votes will be for season 1.

Season 2’s premiere, however, currently has an even better rating – 8.3/10 – on the database, based on 91 votes.

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It’s still early days yet, but Superman and Lois’ second season appears to have pleased fans of the show.

One wrote on YouTube that “every episode is better than the last”; another commented that the season premiere was “amazing”, and that it “reminded me why I absolutely love this show”.

“The CGI was phenomenal and looked like a movie to be honest, glad the move to HBO increased the budget.”

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