Is Solo Leveling releasing a new Webtoon chapter this week, issue number 180 in the series, or has Jin-Woo’s story ended for good?

South Korean entertainment experienced an unbelievable rise through the mainstream media in 2021.

Whilst the worldwide awareness of K-pop and K-dramas continues to rise, one of the most popular avenues for Korean content has also been the light novels and Webtoons created in the country.

Arguably the biggest Webtoon series to come out of South Korea is Solo Leveling, but is chapter 180 releasing this week or is the story finally at an end?  

Official Trailer : Solo Leveling

Official Trailer : Solo Leveling

Is Solo Leveling chapter 180 releasing this week?

Unfortunately, Solo Leveling chapter 180 is not scheduled to release this week, or next week, or ever…

This is because chapter 179, released on December 29th, was the final episode for the Solo Leveling series, with D&C Webtoon confirming the end of Jin-Woo’s story last week.

“‘Have I become unnecessary?’ Seong Jin-woo has returned to the peaceful world. However, the rulers do not let him go, and in the end he is faced with another choice…” – Solo Leveling 179, via D&C Webtoon Twitter.

Solo Leveling started as a web novel in November 2016 and released its 13th volume in 2017, with the English version ‘Only I level up’ running until 2019.

However, it was the fantastic Webtoon run that truly cemented Solo Leveling as one of the biggest series in the world, beginning serialisation in 2018 and being reportedly being read more than 14.2 billion times!

Will we ever see Solo Leveling return?

Whilst fans are deeply saddened by the conclusion of Solo Leveling, many are aware that there is plenty of potential from the main story for the franchise to continue with a spin-off.

Not only does the wider world of Solo Leveling include various fan favourite characters, but a remarkably deep ‘lore’ for the universe itself.

There has been no indication that a spin-off project is being planned by either Chugong or D&C Media, but the global popularity of Solo Leveling will certainly encourage those involved to think about a continuation.

Could we potentially see the series go international by telling the backstory for the world’s most powerful hunters? Personally, we could easily see a side story about Thomas Andre (USA), Lui Zhigang (China) or Goto Ryuji (Japan) being produced, but what do you think?

Rumours of an anime adaptation…

Whilst fans of Solo Leveling were digesting the series finale last week, rumours began circulating on social media that an anime adaptation had been confirmed.

The confusion stemmed from news that the series would receive a brand-new OST from ‘THE BOYZ’.

The announcement was made only minutes after the final chapter was released, with a short teaser video for the upcoming song.

The new OST will release in February 2022, which is expected to run alongside news of the final physical volume going on sale in South Korea.

At the time of writing, no information indicating an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling has been officially confirmed.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of the potential anime project and OST here.

Solo Leveling NFT’s to go on sale…

As shared by The Korea Herald, Kakao’s first NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) from the Solo Leveling series are about to go on sale.

Two scenes from the hit series are set to be made into NFT’s, the final scene from 179 and a scene from 172.

100 copies of the 179 scene and 200 copies of the 172 scene are expected to go on sale on January 12th, 2022.

Purchasing either NFT requires access to KLAY, the official cryptocurrency of Kakao products, set at 500 KLAY and 100 KLAY respectively.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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