Girl Scout Season has officially started as young girls nationwide have started selling a variety of cookies that’ll help fund their projects. Many people are curious to know whether gluten-free cookies are included in the sale.

The cookies are manufactured by licensed bakers, ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. The name and recipe could differ depending on the supplier used but are there gluten-free cookies available to purchase?

Girl Scout Cookie season runs from January to April each year as Girl Scouts gear up to sell boxes of cookies in bulks. Let’s see whether there are any gluten-free options and which cookies they are.

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Are there any gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies

Gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip, gluten-free Toffee-tastic and Trios. Both gluten-free options are offered in select Girl Scout markets as long as supplies last. Check if your local council have the cookies in stock or you can buy them online.

Toffee-Tastic is made with rice flour and is rich and buttery with bits of toffee in them. Trios are also made with gluten-free oats, which are also whole grain. Their ingredients include peanut butter and chocolate chips.

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If you’re gluten-free and want to make Girl Scout Cookies yourself then you can make homemade gluten-free Tagalongs. You can also make gluten-free Thin Mints using this recipe.

2022 Girl Scout sale starts now

Due to the coronavirus and the lack of face-to-face sales, there was a major fall in figures for 2021; NBC News reported that 15 million boxes were left unsold in 2021.

Therefore the GSUSA has used technology to help cookie sales, such as the online Cookie Finder, an information text system (text COOKIES to 59618) and on-demand deliveries on DoorDash.

There are already 11 cookie flavours but added to the mix in 2022 is Adventurefuls. This cookie is described as “indulgent brownie-inspired cookies topped with caramel flavoured crème with a hint of sea salt”, This salted caramel and chocolate brownie extravaganza is a real treat.

Other cookies on the Girl Scout Cookie website include Caramel Chocolate Chip, Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich), Girl Scout S’mores, Lemonades, Lemon-Ups, Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs), Shortbread (Trefoils), Toast-Yea! And Toffee-Tastic.

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Fans react to gluten-free Girl Scout cookie

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