Is Jake Paul really expecting a baby with girlfriend Julia Rose? Well, many of his fans have shared a number of thoughts about the boxer’s statement regarding his ‘girl’ being ‘pregnant’.

This isn’t the first time Jake has given rise to rumors surrounding his beau’s pregnancy. In August 2021, fans were left wondering if the duo was in fact expecting a child together after Jake’s appearance on the Impaulsive Podcast.

He said then, “I want to have a family with her. She is pregnant.” before confirming that he was just lying.

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‘My girl is pregnant’, claims Jake Paul

Fans are busy circulating a clip in which Jake is seen claiming that his “girl is pregnant.”

The viral video shows the boxer speaking to the paparazzi who were waiting for him after the LA Lakers game.

When a fan approaches him for an autograph, without revealing any other details, Jake simply says “My girl is pregnant” before driving off.

While neither Jake nor Julia have made any announcement related to this, fans have taken it upon themselves to determine if his words are true or not.

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Fans refuse to believe the baby rumors

Some social media users are wondering what it would be like to see Jake as a father, but the majority of them aren’t willing to accept that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Commenting under the video shared on Def Noodles’ Instagram channel, one said, “Didn’t he say (lie) that she was pregnant in August? I believe it when I see it, tbh.”

Another added, “She’s definitely not pregnant. She just posted a story riding a horse. And you’re not supposed to ride horses at all when you’re pregnant !!! FYI”

One fan who suggested Jake’s latest statement could just be a publicity stunt, wrote, “Y’all think Jake wouldn’t lie for clout or to just get away from paparazzi? Lol ok”

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Official Teaser | Netflix

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Official Teaser | Netflix

Julia Rose remains tight-lipped

Despite rumors about being pregnant with Jake’s baby taking over the Internet, Julia has remained tight-lipped.

HITC has reached out to both Julia and Jake for a comment.

Meanwhile, without paying heed to speculation about her love life and other personal matters, Julia seems to be having a great time with her boyfriend in 2022.

The last post she shared on Instagram was on January 1, 2022, on the occasion of New Year. She and Jake are seen locking lips and cuddling each other in a series of pictures.

Going by Julia’s latest pictures, it is highly unlikely that she is carrying a baby as she is showing no signs of pregnancy yet.

Or, she may be in the early stages of pregnancy if Jake’s statement is to be believed.

Either way, we need to wait for actual confirmation from the couple.

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