Dead By Daylight Lunar event 2022 leaks have started to emerge and we also possibly know the start date for the DBD New Year celebration.

There’s lots for Dead by Daylight fans to anticipate for the first quarter of this year. While we are not getting a new killer or survivor with the release of Chapter 22.5, we will get fresh-faced additions when the Ringu DLC crossover arrives in March.

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the J-horror collaboration, but – before then – we will be able to celebrate the beginning of the year of the tiger.

Dead by Daylight | Ringu Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Ringu Announcement Trailer

When is the Dead By Daylight Lunar event 2022?

The release and start date for the DBD Lunar New Year event 2022 should fall between February 1st and 10th.

This isn’t confirmed by Dead By Daylight developer BeHaviour Interactive, but February 1st is the official date for when the year of the tiger starts in China. In addition, it’s also a Tuesday and that’s when in-game events and new chapters typically begin.

It’s not guaranteed that it will start on February 1st though as 2011’s year of the Ox began on February 11th in-game and Feb 12th in China. Leaks also possibly suggest that the event may begin closer to February 10th as that’s when new skins arrive.

DBD Lunar event 2022 leaks

Leaks for the Dead By Daylight Lunar New Year event 2022 say that red envelope offerings will spawn on maps.

Players will be able to either reveal or open these envelopes, and they will supposedly provide cosmetics. In addition, Chinese Firecrackers and a Toolbox will also be available to get via Bloodweb and chests.

DBD Leaks also says that there will be a new loading screen for players to appreciate. Although nothing is mentioned, we assume that there will also be themed generators and hooks like in 2021.

Although the cosmetics haven’t been revealed as of writing, it’s possible that we know who will be getting themed attires.


No skins have been leaked for the Chinese celebration, but it’s possible that it will include appropriately themed cosmetics for the following:

  • Kate Denson
  • Dwight Fairfield
  • Huntress (Ultra Rare/Legendary)
  • Trickster (Ultra Rare/Legendary)
  • David King

DBD Leaks hasn’t said that these are part of the Lunar event, but the often reliable leaker says the listed characters will all have new skins available from February 10th. If similar to last year’s celebration, we should also receive 50,000 Bloodpoints per day simply by logging in.

None of this has been confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive and we will update this article when more is known.

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