The Alabama Crimson Tide were seeking their eighth National Championship, with fans using #RollTide both before and post game, but what is the meaning of roll tide?

Coach Nick Saban is something of the master when it comes to guiding a team through the National Championship and claiming title success.

He’s done it with the Crimson Tide six times, most recently in 2020.

However, against the Georgia Bulldogs, Saban’s team could not claim another crown – losing 33-18.

A strong final quarter from Bulldogs QB Stetson Bennett, including two touchdown throws handed the Bulldogs victory.

Both pre and post-game, Crimson Tide fans were using #RollTide on social media to express their feelings and thoughts.

But what actually is the meaning of roll tide, and why do Alabama fans use it?

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Alabama Roll Tide meaning explained

The phrase ‘Roll Tide’ is associated with all of the Alabama Crimson Tide’s college teams.

It is not just limited to their football operation.

The term is used by fans of the Crimson Tide as an encouragement to the team, to try and inspire them further to claim a win.

American Underdog | Official Trailer

American Underdog | Official Trailer

It has been trademarked by the University of Alabama.

The usage is not just limited to the sports teams, but can also be used for general excitement about something.

The rallying cry can be purposed as a greeting.

Where does it come from?

Although the origins of Roll Tide are not absolutely certain, the most commonly accepted version is that it was first used by journalists in the 20th century.

The story goes that after a game in 1907, the Alabama team left the field covered in mud, which one journalist described as a “Crimson Tide.”

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As the team began to beat – or roll over – opponents in years to come, the two phrases were combined to come up with ‘Roll Tide.

A few Roll Tide tweets

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