We just rang in the new year, but Oreo is taking us back in time by re-introducing its iconic soft snack Oreo Cakesters. If you’re eager to buy some, we’ve got all details here.

The sweet treat was a favorite among Oreo lovers until it was discontinued in 2012. It is returning a decade later, turning us nostalgic than ever as we cherish the memories of 2000.

Oreo collaborates with the last Blockbuster

To mark the return of its soft snack, Oreo collaborated with the last Blockbuster store located in Bend, Oregon.

It surprised the Blockbuster customers on January 7, 2022, by filling the shelves up with Oreo Cakesters and larger-than-life Caksters-themed movie posters.

The shoppers also received free samples of Oreo Cakesters that were delivered in retro VHS-inspired packaging.

Talking about the initiative, Oreo’s VP Marketing Justin Parnell said, “We hope the Blockbuster takeover will playfully bring store-goers back to 2007, when Cakesters first launched, and the soft-baked snacks became a fan-favorite.”

Where to buy the Cakesters?

Oreo Cakesters will be hitting the shelves at select retailers by the second week of January, according to a press release.

You can find more details on Oreo’s official website here.

By entering the required details, you can find if the soft snack is available in the retailer close to your location.

You can also purchase Oreo Cakesters on the company’s online store once available. However, you will need to pay a certain shipping charge.

Oreo Cakesters will come in a 10.1-ounce box containing five 2-count packs or in a 2.2-ounce single 2-count pack, available at  $3.69 and $1.89 respectively.

Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis | Official Trailer | Netflix

Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis | Official Trailer | Netflix

Will they be discontinued again?

Don’t worry as the retro snack will not be disappearing once again.

Oreo Cakesters are being brought back for good and will be permanently added to the brand’s pre-existing collection.

The sweet snack first made its debut in 2007. However, it was discontinued in 2012 only five years later.

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