BTS upcoming webtoon ‘7 Fates Chakho’ has released the names of all BTS characters and emojis of each BTS members. Take a look at the BTS Webtoon characters of ‘7 Fates Chakho’ below.

Prior to the much-anticipated release of BTS’ latest Naver x Wattpad offering ‘7 Fates Chakho,’ fans have got a number of mysterious teasers including a CCTV live.

From the scraps of teasers released, a sea of new fan theories regarding ‘7 Fates Chakho’ has also emerged. While some believe BTS’ latest webtoon will have a new storyline, the devoted ‘HYYH’ fans are joining the dots with BTS’ ‘Youth Trilogy‘ era suggesting that the webtoon may have a connection to BTS Universe’ storyline.

BTS Webtoon ‘7 Fates Chakho,’ release time explored

BTS webtoon ‘7 Fates Chakho’ will be released worldwide on January 18th at 9 AM KST/ January 14th, 7 PM ET. Prior to the awaited release, fans have been getting teasers and concept images of the webtoon. Check the teaser schedule below.

Names of BTS Webtoon characters revealed

BTS ARMY got to know the names of the septet’s characters before the release of ‘7 Fates Chakho’ on January 15th. Check the names and emojis of BTS Webtoon characters below.

RM – Dogeon

Jin – Hwan

Suga – Cein

J-hope – Hosu

Jimin – Haru

V – Jooan

Jungkook – Zeha

Plot of ‘7 Fates Chakho’

According to Webtoon official, BTS latest webtoon will be an Urban Fantasy series where an unknown force has disrupted a city and seven Bangtan boys must do their best to save the city from destruction.

Speaking of the storyline, HYBE’s General Manager Shawn Hwangbo said, “7 Fates: CHAKHO” was is an urban fantasy genre story set in a city of the near future. It was inspired by the “Chakhogapsa,” the Beom (tiger) hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.”

He added, “It is a story re-created by reinterpreting the stories of bears and Beom in mythology and the traditional Korean Beom tales with HYBE’s own imagination.”

He further says that the ‘Dynamic story’ will reveal how the seven men were bound by their own fate and what destiny has in store for them.

Check how BTS members introduced ‘7 Fates Chakho’ here.

OST of BTS ‘7Fates: Chakho’ sung by Jungkook and produced by Suga

BTS fans are also excited about BTS main vocalist Jungkook’s OST for the webtoon that has been produced by Billboard-charting BTS member Suga.

Keep an eye on this space to know more about BTS Jungkook’s OST release date.

Where to read BTS’ Webtoon ‘7 Fates Chakho’ episodes

Even before the main release of BTS’ latest webtoon, Webtoon official has released seven separate chapters on BTS members on their official site. Read all the episodes here. Check all the teasers of individual characters below.

Read the main novel on Wattpad here or on Webtoon here.

Excited about BTS Webtoon ‘7 Fates Chakho?’ Check out the webtoon on January 15th at 9 AM KST here.