It’s been quite a few days for Novak Djokovic after the Tennis star was denied entry into Australia, with his parents fighting his corner. But who actually are Djokovic’s parents?

Like most sportspeople, it was Novak Djokovic’s parents who first got their child interested in as sport that they would go onto dominate.

The Serbian ace’s parents first handed him a Tennis racket when he was just a toddler.

20 Grand Slams, over $150 million in earnings, and an Olympic medal later, it’s safe to say that things have gone rather well.

After he was denied entry to Australia for the Australian Open by Border Force, his parents have been in the media, defending their son.

His father has been giving updates on the situation as the World Number 1 awaits deportation from Australian soil.

Djokovic’s lawyers have appealed the cancellation of his entry visa.

He is currently housed in a detention centre (below).

But who actually are Novak Djokovic’s parents, and what did they do when he was growing up?

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Novak Djokovic parents revealed

Novak was the first born child of Srdjan and Dijana in May 1987 in Belgrade.

Father Srdjan, who is in Melbourne as Djokovic remains detained dovetailed his professional skiing career with that of a ski instructor.

Eventually, he would move into owing a restaurant and sports equipment business in the Serbian mountains with wife Dijana.

Naomi Osaka | Official Trailer | Netflix

Naomi Osaka | Official Trailer | Netflix

It was at this restaurant that at Mount Kopaonik that Djokovic’s talent was first uncovered.

Yugoslavian player Jelena Gencic was part of the Tennis camp, and working together with Djokovic’s parents, began to nature the talent.

Pushy parents or just dedicated?

Realising the potential of their son, Novak Djokovic’s parents became heavily focused on getting him to the top.

Speaking to Newsweek in 2016, father Srdjan explained that: “Only Novak mattered.

“Everything was done to make Novak achieve what he has achieved today.”

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In 2003, Djokovic turned professional, making his Grand Slam debut at the 2005 Australian Open.

However, as Djokovic rose through the ranks, his parents realised that they could not continue to support him in the ways that they had.

They began to relinquish control over his coaches and training, preferring to let Djokovic carve his own path.

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Are his brothers also Tennis players?

Djokovic has two younger siblings – both brothers.

Marko was born in August 1991 and Drordje arrived in July 1995, when Novak was four and eight, respectively.

The Djokovic brothers all grew up playing Tennis together, and while Novak has gone onto become one of the greats, things have turned out differently for his brothers.

Marko (centre, below) has consistently ranked around the world number 500 mark.

His greatest achievement was being selected as a fifth player in the 2010 Serbian Davis Cup team.

He has entered the world of Tennis coaching.

Djordje (left, below) meanwhile has gone down a different path.

He is currently the tournament director for the Serbian Open tournament – held at Novak’s Tennis centre.

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