Every now and again, a photo challenge emerges that completely takes over the internet.

Whether it’s posting a baby image, the first snap on your camera roll or a pic of your adorable pooch, these types of trends never fails to enthuse social media users.

This month, an old photo trend that went viral in 2019 is back again, and it’s still just as annoying. What is the 10 Year Challenge?

What is the 10 Year Challenge?

The 10 Year Challenge is a simple social media fad that went viral two years ago.

To take part, you have to post two photos, one of yourself now, and one of you ten years ago.

The idea is to compare the two images and see how much you’ve changed, which for most people is quite a lot.

You can take part on Twitter, Instagram to Twitter and all you have to do is use the hashtag #10YearChallenge.

It reemerges every year

The 10 Year Challenge is one of those crazes that seems to reappear every year.

It first became popular in 2019, then it emerged again in 2020 under a different name.

To mark the end of the decade, a trend went viral that asked people to “show me what you looked like at the beginning of the decade vs the end”.

It’s essentially the same as the 10 Year Challenge but had a particular focus on comparing photos of yourself from 2010 to 2020.

Then, the trend seemed to disappear in 2021 but has since made a comeback for 2022, and it seems to be more popular than ever.

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It’s still just as annoying

Unfortunately, the challenge never gets any less annoying.

Seeing everyone’s ten year comparisons take over your feed is just so irritating, and people have been taking to Twitter to complain.

One person wrote: “Omg this 10 year challenge is mad annoying😭.”

“I hope everyone posting these 10 year challenge photos get the attention they wanted because wow it’s annoying,” said another.

A third person added: “The 10 Year Challenge got Facebook in a choke hold.”

“I’m so sick of seeing that 10 year challenge on FB!!!” added another.