Konami has announced NFTs to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania and some fans are confused about what non-fungible tokens are all about.

Non-fungible tokens are becoming a huge issue in video games. They have appeared for Dead By Daylight with Pinhead and Hellraiser, and Ubisoft has released a Quartz beta. Ubisoft have claimed that they will be a ‘major change‘ in the industry, and Square Enix also hopes they will become big.

Fans would much rather a brand new Castlevania, but – unfortunately – all that’s happening for the series’ is an unpopular auction.

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The Day Before | Official GeForce RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Konami NFTs meaning

The meaning of NFTs from Konami for the Castlevania 35th anniversary is non-fungible token items.

The Japanese publisher is conducting an auction from January 12th until the 13th for people to buy one of 14 non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible means that it’s unique and cannot be replaced, and the items on offer are all digital art of game scenes and illustrations.

In addition to basically being pointless as you ultimately own nothing, the Verge also reports that non-fungible tokens are “partially responsible for the millions of tons of planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions generated by the cryptocurrencies used to buy and sell them”.

In short, lots of people don’t like NFTs because of how much energy sales use as well as because they’re pretty useless digital items.

Konami Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFTs

Konami is selling 14 NFTs to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the beloved series, Castlevania.

If you wish to buy the non-fungible tokens, you will need to participate in the auction that begins on January 12th. However, there’s lots of important information that you should know about from the website.

To have your nickname listed on the Konami NFT OpenSea page, it will need to be approved by the Japanese publisher. And, if your nickname isn’t approved because of ‘socially unacceptable’ reasons or because you missed the submission deadline, certain privileges will be mute.

In addition to the above, the Japanese publisher also “does not guarantee that the value of the NFT will increase after the purchase.” Not only that, but – despite not being able to resell the exact same data – Konami might still sell similar NFTs for the same game making your token even less unique.

Why fans are unhappy

Lots of fans are unhappy about the non-fungible token items because of what they are and because of how they are becoming a bigger presence in video games.

As mentioned earlier, Ubisoft has released their Quartz beta and Square Enix has shown an interest. To make matters worse, Twitter user Nibel also suggests that this might not be the last set of NFTs from Konami.

There’s also the fact that fans have been craving a brand new Castlevania game (that isn’t mobile or a remaster) since the disappointing Lords of Shadow 2 from 2014. There are reports that a new Castlevania, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid are in the works, but nothing official.

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