Yellowstone season 4 has come to the end of its 10-episode run, and the tantalising finale has left fans with lots of questions. Whilst the highly anticipated season finale has received mixed reviews, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: what did Kayce’s vision mean?

For much of the finale Kayce (Luke Grimes) was absent from the main drama of the show, as he was tucked away in his prayer circle embarking on his vision quest with the help of Mo Brings Plenty. Much of Kayce’s vision remains unclear to fans at the moment but has set the stage for an intense season 5. 

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What was Kayce’s vision on Yellowstone?

Kayce’s vision took fans down many twists and turns, leaving the fate of the Dutton’s and Yellowstone unclear. First, Kayce saw visions of his deceased brother Lee (Dave Annable), who died back in the very first episode. Lee ridicules Kacey saying: “You’re not doing what he asked. He said pray for a vision, but I don’t see you praying. What are you doing here? Do you need help? How can I help you?”

This vision becomes increasingly disturbing, as Lee begins to bleed from the mouth and become aggressive toward Kacey.

Next, Kayce has visions of his military unit in combat, and dreams of Avery (Tanya Beatty) seducing him. The vision finally sees Kacey meet an indigenous woman, who from the top of a cliff, shows Kacey two paths he must chose from. While fans don’t get to see what each path entails, Kacey appears disturbed by the choice facing him. 

When Kacey finally returns to his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille), he appears a changed man, visibly moved by his vision quest. When Monica asks what he saw, Kacey replies simply: “The end of us.” This cryptic message has left fans wondering what exactly the two paths have in store for Kacey and the Duttons. 

Kayce and Monica.

Other fan theories on what the vision meant 

Fans have wasted no time taking to Reddit to share their interpretation of Kacey’s vision. With some believing it is referencing the end of Kacey and Monica’s marriage, and others believing it spells danger for Yellowstone as a whole. 

One Reddit user suggested that “I think when the wolf/woman told him to look down the 2 paths and choose, one path showed him choosing the ranch/helping save his family during some season 5 drama but having to sacrifice his relationship with Monica in the process. The other path was to choose Monica/Tate over returning to his family but thereby perhaps dooming the future of the ranch/his family. Whichever path he chooses, the other relationship will be ended, hence “The end of Us”. Us to be determined.”

Another user, Veilsix, shared a similar theory: “I get the sense it’s a choice between his two lives: the life of the white landowners holding onto their land vs the life of his wife’s people that he’s embraced as they try to take the lands of their ancestors back. In the end this is the ultimate conflict, venture capital firms be damned. This is ultimately the same fight it was in the first episode: Dutton v rainwater and kaycee needs to make a decision to this effect when push comes to shove”

Whilst other fans believed that the vision wasn’t so cryptic and instead simply referred to the end of Kayce and Monica’s relationship: “What ever it is it’s probably going to include some dumb relationship drama with Avery. Hopefully I’m wrong, there’s already too much soap opera.”

Everything we know so far about season 5 

So far Paramount are yet to officially announce a return for Yellowstone. However, Cole Hauser has confirmed that Taylor Sheridan is already working on making the next series. 

Assuming Yellowstone gets officially greenlit for a fifth season, production is expected to start in May 2022, as reported by Deadline. The main cast are all expected to make a return for season 5, with the fifth instalment expected to hit screens this coming November.  

In the mean-time, fans can stream season 4 of Yellowstone via the Paramount Network app, however valid cable login details are needed to access the stream. 

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