Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway have been going back and forth on TikTok and Twitter. If you are confused as to what happened, we have got all the details about the social media drama!

Bryce and Faith have a huge fan following and these two social media personalities have been getting into a heated argument on platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

At the moment, fans seem to be divided as the entire situation keeps getting messy.



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How did the drama start?

The drama between Bryce and Faith started after the pair appeared on Tommy’s (tommyunold) Twitch stream. In it, Tommy and Bryce decided to stream a live while enjoying in a hot tub. The pair also invited Faith to join them.

While everything was fine in the beginning, things took a turn for worse when Faith decided to leave the stream mid-way. Several fans were confused as to what happened. However, at the time, Tommy and Bryce brushed off the situation by stating that Faith got upset over a “salty remark” that he had made.

What did Faith Ordway say?

Following the drama, curious fans asked Fait why she had left the stream. In a TikTok video, which has now been deleted, Faith claimed that Bryce had pressured her to kiss him at the end of the stream.

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She further added that Bryce called her a “pus*y” when she declined to follow through. Following this, Faith released another video talking about consent while reflecting on her relationship with Bryce in the past.

She says: “If I say I don’t want to perform sexual acts on camera, don’t you think that f**king means I don’t want to do it.” She further posted a screenshot of an alleged text exchange they both had.

Following this, Faith posted another screenshot of their text and captioned it as: “bye-bye Bryce hall. just wait until the full video posts on TikTok. you’re an awful person for not just accepting consequences for once in your life.” Meanwhile, on TikTok, she posted a final video stating she would be taking a break from social media.

She said: “You’re all bad people, and you’re going to get bad karma, and I’m not a bad person, I know what happened. So I know I’m going to be f**king fine, so f**k off.”

How did Bryce Hall respond to these claims?

Bryce denied the claims made by faith while alleging that the social media star has been lying. He clarified that he did not ask Faith to kiss him by writing: “I don’t need to beg someone to kiss me for views lol; if you actually believe that you’re insane.”

At the same time, he called her out claiming she was doing things for clout. He wrote: “Welcome to clout season; it’s when the lying women like faith Ordway try to create a false narrative to boost their “career” and portrays themselves as an angel when we both know what happens off the internet, but hey, let’s let them have their 10 mins of clout! it’s tastes good yeah? @faithordway7.”

Following this, he slammed Faith for her TikTok videos and hinted at legal action. He said: “his girl just posted another TikTok trying to justify her lies AND leaking my new private address… she needs to check her mailbox this week daily.”

As of now, Faith has not responded to the last statement by Jake.

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