Even on the last day of the year, Netflix is giving audiences some exciting new films to watch.

The latest to demand our attention is The Lost Daughter, a psychological drama that serves as the directorial debut of celebrated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

It’s based on Elena Ferrante’s novel of the same name and stars Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley, Ed Harris, and more. Audiences first saw it at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where it earned accolades and acclaim.

Now that people are watching it at home, they can’t help but feel curious regarding the filming location that enriches this tale of a woman who becomes burdened with obsession on her summer holiday.

So, where was The Lost Daughter filmed?

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Where was The Lost Daughter filmed?

The Lost Daughter was filmed on the island of Spetses in Greece.

Found in the Saronic Gulf and close to Athens, the island boasts a number of stunning views, making it an appealing destination for filmmakers to flock to. It’s rather unique as Bustle highlights that there are no cars there besides taxis.

Of the popular spots located there, we have Bouboulina’s museum, the Agios Nikolaos monastery, and picturesque boatyards. While the island looks perfectly suited to the film, it turns out that it was initially going to be filmed in New Jersey.

The writer and director believed that the state would be ideal due to a “great tax incentive”, the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately encouraged the crew to consider an alternative.

She has previously explained to Vanity Fair that “as soon as we even considered shifting to Greece, which was really just a fantasy whim [she] had, it took off.”

As a result, filming in Spetses had to adhere to COVID guidelines in regards to quarantine for workers, etc. As you would imagine, the narrative’s setting was also changed to Greece.

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“Everyone pulled together”

One of the numerous production companies helping sculpt this feature film was Endeavor Content.

Their senior vice president – Negeen Yazdi – opened up about the location swap while in conversation with Deadline:

“Everyone pulled together to come up with a solution. And the key was to find somewhere that wasn’t just viable from a production standpoint or a safety standpoint, but somewhere that has the same heart and soul of the script.”

He continued: “And we found Greece and we found a way to keep it incredibly contained, and we found a way to build new self-imposed quarantine and testing protocols to ensure that everything went smoothly.”

The Lost Daughter | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Lost Daughter | Official Trailer | Netflix

What other movies have been filmed in Spetses?

If you enjoyed gazing at these gorgeous locations then you’ll be thrilled to hear that the forthcoming Knives Out sequel starring Daniel Craig was being filmed in Spetses earlier in summer 2021.

On the other hand, films that have been shot on the island previously include the following:

  • The Magus (1968)
  • Jenny Jenny (1966)
  • The Freediver (2004)
  • Light Blue and Orange (2004)
  • Fishtales (2007)
  • S.E.X. (2009)
  • The Cave (2018 short)

The Lost Daughter is now streaming on Netflix.

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