BTS V has dropped a heartwarming surprise for fans right before his grand 26th birthday on December 30th! The Guinness World Record maker singer explored Seoul’s BTS V birthday projects and even shared snaps from it on his Instagram stories.

A few days ago BTS V asked about his birthday projects in Seoul through the fan app Weverse and fans finally got to see the ‘Chrismas Tree‘ crooner enjoying the gift of fans.

BTS V drops a surprise for fans visiting singer’s birthday projects in Seoul

BTS V explored one of the biggest fan-base of the singer, China Baidu V Bar project of Sinchon, Seoul where his iconic solo tracks including ‘Singularity,’ ‘Winter Bear,’ ‘Inner Child,’ ‘Sweet Night‘ and ‘Snow Flower‘ have separate booths on their own plus his room of ‘BE’ album also has a designated booth.

Kim Taehyung roamed through each booth, cherishing the love and kindness of fans and even posed with the giant BTS V doll at the end of Kim Taehyung land.

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Legendary Birthday projects of BTS V explored

Along with BTS V’s birthday project in Sinchon Seoul, there are a number of record-making and legendary birthday projects of Kim Taehyung that have been arranged by fans.

Burj Khalifa birthday ad

BTS V will be shown for the second time in Burj Khalifa as the first male solo K-pop artist to land on the tallest building of the world twice in a row.

Another special birthday project of BTS V includes “Ads right opposite to the HYBE building + Customize the exclusive Taehyung music-themed walls beside the main entrance of HYBE + Purple ground lights + Bus stop boards, all surrounding HYBE for excellent promotion and effects,” China Baidu Vbar shared.

BTS V fans are also painting the walls of Daegu and Dalseong Park with beautiful murals of BTS V’s songs. A fan shared an update, “The wall color painting on Taehyung’s Alma Mater in Daegu and Dalseong Park is already on going.. look how beautiful it is, I just love how it is the journey of Taehyung and his solo songs!”

BTS V also recently made a new history with his ‘Our Beloved Summer’ OST ‘Christmas Tree.’ The Netflix series OST reigned on the Worldwide iTunes chart for four days straight making BTS V the second soloist to achieve this feat since Psy in 2013.

Excited about BTS V’s birthday? Keep an eye on this space on December 30th for all the latest updates on BTS V birthday projects. Stream BTS V’s playlist below.

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